What is The New Mobile AR Shooter ‘Leap Trigger?’

Leap Trigger

Ever heard of an augmented reality mobile game called “Leap Trigger?” No? Well, neither have I – not until now. Leap Trigger is a free to play AR shooter for your iPhone and Android devices available now in the United States. You’ve heard of virtual reality, right? Well, augmented reality looks to provide a much more accessible semi-virtual reality experience compared to other full-blown virtual reality headsets like Oculus, HTC Vive, or the Valve Index. If you’re interested in dipping your toes into virtual reality, but can’t quite afford to buy into the platform due to the pretty pricey nature of the HMDs, could augmented reality games like Leap Trigger be the start that you need? What exactly can you expect from Leap Trigger?

What is Leap Trigger?

Leap Trigger actually started as a Kickstarter project and raised over ¥1,330,000 of its ¥750,000 goal, absolutely smashing the funding goal. “In the AR shooter genre, Leap Trigger brings a combination of tactical combat, augmented with multiplayer action to truly set this game apart.” Key features of Leap Trigger include:

  • Play with Friends In-Person and Online: Expand your battlefield at home, in the park or at the beach!
  • You can play with friends not only in person and also remotely online (perfect for social distancing).
  • A Game that Makes it Fun to Move: Use your body to avoid the opponent’s shots and hit opponents back from advantageous positions.
  • Stack Your Deck and Fight Strategically: Build your deck with one champion and up to three buddies to start the battle. Each champion holds unique skills and weapons. There are more than 15 buddies to choose from that take on different types of roles, including striker, defender and jammer, each of which has unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Unique Battlefields: Players can teleport into different environments, including High Urban Central and Frontline Neonpolis.

One of the key highlights of Leap Trigger is that it can be played even in the middle of the pandemic we’re currently in, as the entire game can be played while social distancing. I think that this is actually a great method to advertise to players. According to the official Leap Trigger website, “This content can be enjoyed even if you refrain from going out due to coronavirus pandemic.You can play not only online with your friends who live far from each other but also at home.”



I downloaded Leap Trigger and the first time I launched it, I was a bit skeptical. It seems unfinished, but with some hefty polishing, I think that it would look pretty good. The game is like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale where you earn packages through gameplay and can spend Gems in order to unlock these packages faster. Of course, the main way to obtain these Gems are from in-game purchases of $4.99 and $14.99. What you’ll find in these packages are Buddies. Buddies are supposed to be these cute creatures that you can choose to upgrade using another in-game currency, however this is much easier to obtain and can be earned just by playing the game. These Buddies are supposed to help you on your missions and fight your opponent alongside you, however I really just found them to be annoying as they would show up in the middle of my field of view and prevent me from seeing anything at all. Even when I can see my enemies, however, I find the gameplay of Leap Trigger to be….okay. It’s okay. Leap Trigger isn’t terrible – I actually think that it’s a fantastic step in the right direction for augmented reality games. The main issue I find myself having with this is the fact that you’re basically just tapping and holding on the screen to do anything. I think that a game like Leap Trigger really needs a physical controller to attach to a mobile device – something that will immerse the player more than just tapping on a screen for a couple seconds to shoot. However, this is a free to play game, so I don’t see anything like this happening anytime soon, if ever. Maybe even just gesture controls to read commands? I think that would be even cooler than a physical controller, and would be even more immersive.

Is Leap Trigger worth playing?

Here’s the thing – Leap Trigger is a free to play game, so of course it’s worth playing, because it comes at no expense to you. If you are willing to deal with a bit of an unpolished menu, and want to wait a whole 3 hours for a Common loot package to give you 3 Buddies, then sure, try it out. I think that Leap Trigger is really more of a proof of concept and test game to see how far the technology can go and if it has the potential to expand further than games like Leap Trigger. Would I pay money for this game after having played the tutorial? Probably not. Though, I do think that the technology is there. Overall, I’d say if you’re curious, definitely give Leap Trigger a shot. It’s nothing like Pavlov VR, but you definitely shouldn’t be expecting anything like that with a free to play mobile game that runs on an iPhone or Android.

While this game isn’t necessarily for me…yet, it doesn’t mean that it’s not for you! If you’re interested in trying the game, it’s currently available in open beta for free on Android and iPhone devices in the US

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