What Do Sheryl Lee Ralph and Jackee Harry Have in Common?

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Sheryl Lee Ralph was born on December 30, 1956, and a moment of silence is necessary for the woman turning 66 as 2022 comes to an end. Why a moment of silence? Because there was never a moment in time, anyone looked at Sheryl Lee Ralph and thought she was born in 1956 rather than 1975. This is a woman whose skincare routine and lifestyle habits we all need to know, and that’s why we are having a moment of silence. The Connecticut-born, New York-raised actress and singer, is beautiful, but she is also a living legend.

She was Dreamgirls before Beyonce, and Jennifer Hudson was Dreamgirls. In fact, she was Dreamgirls before either of them was even alive (it was 1981 when she took on this classic Broadway role). Maybe Beyonce was alive in 1981, but she was a baby if she was. You get the point. Who is Sheryl Lee Ralph, and what does she have in common with Jackee Harry?

Sheryl Lee Ralph is a Star

Ralph is a star. She’s been on every show imaginable, but only the good ones. She was part of the iconic Designing Women cast. She was part of the Moesha Cast. Ralph starred in movies with people such as Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson. Speaking of Jennifer Hudson, who would go on to celebrate her own role in the movie adaptation of Dreamgirls – their lives have been so intertwined with one another in that aspect. It’s amazing.

Perhaps the most exciting thing is that she took a role in a new television show called Abbott Elementary alongside a stellar cast. The show was one that critics thought might do well, but they’ve all been blown away at just how well the show’s done since its inception in early 2022. She plays the role of a teacher who has been in the business for decades and is spectacular. In fact, she’s so good in her role in Abbot Elementary that she just took home the Primetime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 2022.

Credit: @thesherylleeralph

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Emmy Win is One for the History Books

What makes her win so legendary cannot be put into words. First and foremost, her role as Barbara Howard in Abbott Elementary is just plain amazing. She is funny; she is real; she is all the things that make a character so good. However, her talent aside, it’s the fact that the Emmy is the 74th Primetime Emmy Award handed out for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy series. Sheryl Lee Ralph is the second black woman to win in the history of the award – and the last black woman to take home the win was 35 years ago.

Jackee Harry was the first – and until 2022, only – black woman to ever bring home this Emmy Award. She brought it home in 1987 for her role in a show called 227. We know her and love her the most for her role as Lisa Landry in the hilarious sitcom Sister, Sister, as the mom of one of Tia and Tamara Mowry’s characters – they were adopted at birth, separated twins, and found one another in the mall as young teens. The show is one we still watch today.

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Acceptance Speech

Of all the things that are amazing about Sheryl Lee Ralph – and trust us, there are too many amazing things about this accomplished actress to even begin to list – her Emmy acceptance speech is one worth mentioning. She said it all with such grace, such elegance, and in such a concise manner.

“To anyone who has ever, ever had a dream and thought your dream wasn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t come true. I am here to tell you that this is what believing looks like. This is what striving looks like. And don’t you ever, ever give up on you,” she said during part of her history-making speech. She said it with such conviction, such pride, and such amazement. The world could not be happier for her, and she earned this win.

Credit: @thesherylleeralph

Jackee Harry was over the moon excited for her fellow actress and Emmy winner, and she quickly shouted her congratulations via Twitter. “@thesherylralph’s had a remarkable career AND she’s one of the nicest people in Hollywood. Barbara Howard on #AbbottElementary is another fabulous character we’ve been fortunate to watch her breathe life into. Congrats, Sheryl & welcome to the club! #Emmys,” she said in her Tweet. First and foremost, being called one of the nicest people in Hollywood is a huge compliment on its own. She certainly is not wrong to call her career remarkable, either.

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