The 20 Most-Watched TV Episodes of All-Time

There are episodes of favorite sitcoms that are either wildly triumphant or so sad that they rip your heart right out of your chest. These episodes tend to stick with us mostly because they get watched so often, but also because they’re so unforgettable just because of what happened. While this list might change from year to year, these are the most-watched episodes of all-time at this moment.

20. All In The Family-Edith’s Problem

The change of life isn’t supposed to be easy and when Edith starts going through menopause it’s anything but a picnic for the rest of the family.

19. ?

I seriously don’t know which show this is from and which episode as I might not have been alive at this point and didn’t get the rerun.

18. Roots-Part 1

Say hello Kunta Kinte, one of the most famous names in the history of slavery. This show sparks off a very serious look at the life of Kunta and the act of taking people from their native home.

17. Roots-Part 7

The denial of hopelessness and the pursuit of hope in freeing his family allows Chicken Moore to make a daring attempt.

16. Roots-Part 4

A lot of Roots had to do with family and the desire to live as free individuals away from the tyrannical hold of slave owners.

15. Roots-Part 2

This is the episode in which Kunta loses half of his foot after trying to run off. It’s gruesome but it made for yet another part of his legend.

14. Roots-Part 3

Despite all of his accomplishments George is still sold off to an Englishman after Tom Lea loses a bet.

13. Roots-Part 5

Viewers got to learn a lot more about Chicken George and his son Tom.

12. Roots-Part 6

Despite the fact that the war is over and the slaves are freed they are still prone to harassment and much, much worse.

11. The Winds of War-The Storm Breaks

The German invasion of Poland is seen to cause an entire mess of problems that trickle down to almost every level in this episode.

10. The Winds of War-Into The Maelstrom

Things begin to heat up as Stalin agrees to work with the US and the bombing of Pearl Harbor occurs.

9. The Thorn Birds-Part 2

Unfulfilled passion and poor decisions mark this episode as one of the most watched throughout TV history.

8. The Thorn Birds-Part 4

Sometimes the choices that are made concerning life and the paths we take are not mutually beneficial to all. That seems to be the point of this episode.

7. The Thorn Birds-Part 3

There are moments when one must move on and admit that what was possible in the past is no longer part of the future.

6. The Cosby Show-Say Hello to a Good Buy

The Cosby show was filled with memorable moments but few were quite as entertaining as this episode.

5. Roots-Part 8

Despite being free there are still a lot of problems for the colored folk on the plantations. But then Chicken George returns and outlines his plan for their future.

4. Seinfeld-The Finale

You couldn’t have an episode of Seinfeld without some controversy that befalls the main

3. Dallas-Who Done It?

This was up for debate for the longest time that it became a nationwide manhunt, so to speak, to find out who knew anything about who shot JR.

2. Cheers-One for the Road

Things were finally settled, people were finally on their way to something better, and for Sam, a return to what he always loved was finally realized.

1. M.A.S.H.-Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen

The last and the most emotional time that we would ever see M.A.S.H. in all its glory was something like a gut punch to a lot of fans.

Like I said, the list will change eventually, but for now these episodes managed to hit us right where it hurt the most.


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