What Could Happen to an Exorcist Reboot?

To be fair, it’s very likely that an Exorcist reboot is going to be something that will split the fanbase that has existed for decades since a lot of folks don’t want to see a remake that might try to recapture the feeling of the first movie, and others are willing to give it a shot. The truth of this is that the first Exorcist is held up by a lot of people as being one of the scariest movies ever created, and there’s a good reason for this. Back when it first came out, this movie was by far one of the most controversial features that was lambasted by a lot of people who thought that it was one of the evilest movies ever made. In this day and age, the effects are, of course, seen as rather simple and not at all difficult to figure out, at least for those in the industry. But despite this, The Exorcist is still a movie that many would agree changed the horror genre in that day and age, and it’s a tale that is considered to be sacrosanct by many horror fans. 

All the same, it does sound as though the movie is being brought back to the theater, possibly for a trilogy, and at this point, one can’t help but wonder why. Some would state that this question is a little too divisive and that it’s a bit ridiculous since of course, most people would want to see this happen. But as one of the best possession movies ever, it still feels as though this movie can’t possibly be brought back in a way that’s going to make people think that anything can even come close to what it did. To say that this is a grand statement is kind of accurate since a lot of people build movies up in their minds based on when they see them, how they remember them, and what kind of impact the movies made on their lives. I can admit that The Goonies made a huge impact on me as a writer since the idea to write something that blends adventure, innovation, ingenuity, and a definite sense of danger and goofiness came from that movie, in part. The way we remember movies is often why people tend to claim that no other movie could come close. 

Rebooting The Exorcist feels like a bad idea, but making a continuation could possibly be something that fans might be able to get behind in a more cohesive manner since it would hopefully follow the main story in a manner that would compliment it rather than trying to reinvent the story. Something about The Exorcist has commanded a great deal of loyalty from fans for years, and it’s best not to fight against it, but trying to improve upon it makes one think that anything but a great story is going to be ripped apart since trying to pass off something that has anything to do with a loved movie is bound to rile up the fans in a manner that will send them racing to the internet, eager to give the filmmakers a piece of their mind and thereby give those of us that write these articles a load of enjoyment as well as laughs as we continually try to figure out what in the world is going on the heads of the superfans that consider themselves the arbiters of what’s popular and what’s not. 

Some movies manage to gain a following that is hard to figure out since the way that people cling to movies makes it feel almost as though these movies have become a religion unto themselves since people aren’t about to speak against them and are adamant that these ideas aren’t to be treated with anything but respect. Try to argue that point and you might find that people are more than willing to talk themselves blue since they believe so firmly that their belief in the movie is right and just. Yes, it gets that nuts. But when thinking about a reboot of The Exorcist it does bring to mind the idea that the movie did create the feeling in a lot of people that this was a monumental moment in history that is meant to be preserved and not messed up with in any way. 

So what’s going to happen? Well, this reboot is likely going to happen, and it’s also likely that people are going to be as divided as they can be about this movie. Whether it’s going to be successful or not is tough to say at the moment since it’s too early to know what direction the movie is going to take. Whether it will be a standard reboot, a remake, or a continuation of sorts will make a big difference in how it’s received. Until we know more about the movie, there’s not much else to say, unless you’re a superfan. 

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