What Bill O’Reilly’s Been Up to Since Fox Got Rid of Him

What Bill O’Reilly’s Been Up to Since Fox Got Rid of Him

There was a point and time not too long ago with people would tune in to the O’Reilly Factor to see who Bill O’Reilly was going to lay into that evening and what was going to be the subject that he was going to discuss. Now however the chance to see such a thing will have to likely come from YouTube videos if anyone is interested since Fox got rid of Bill in 2017 following allegations of sexual harassment that Barbara Pavone of Nicki Swift and many other publications have covered time and again. It’s fair to say that O’Reilly’s career was all but over when this happened since following on the heels of the MeToo movement and the constant ‘witch hunt’ that was seen to be conducted by an overwhelming number of individuals interested in pointing the finger at the iniquities of Hollywood and it’s many guilty parties. The accusations against O’Reilly were damning enough, but the fact that Fox News had known about them for so long made matters even worse since it seems they’d been turning a blind eye to the victims and their complaints all along. It also didn’t help that O’Reilly seemed to have a habit of silencing those that accused him of harassment, meaning he paid them off so that they wouldn’t spread the word. That kind of makes a person wonder whether the morality of those that finally did get him released is in question or not, but the main point of course is that O’Reilly was found to be in the wrong all-around and was eventually let go by Fox since they couldn’t withstand the constant barrage while he was still under their banner.

That wasn’t the end of his career though. If you thought O’Reilly was going to just sit back and take it without a response then you might have never watched his show since Bill isn’t really the kind of guy to sit and let things happen without a response in kind. As Jeremy Barr from The Hollywood Reporter wrote during the same year as O’Reilly’s dismissal from Fox, Bill managed to put up his own online show in order to fire back and let people know that just because he’d been dumped from one spot didn’t mean he wasn’t going to show up again. Bill obviously isn’t the kind of guy to go quietly into the night with his tail tucked between his legs as some might like to see. Despite the fact that he did commit harassment and in some opinions he should be through and over with, Bill is still a very strong-willed person and has been active ever since being booted from Fox News.

Christie D’Zurilla of the Los Angeles Times even goes into how O’Reilly has a book about President Trump coming out soon, so it’s quite obvious he’s been busy during the past couple of years and has been making one plan after another to either find his way back to prominence or to stay there. One of the many things that’s kind of obvious about Bill is that he’s not the kind of person to just lie down and die, metaphorically-speaking, when someone decides to give him the business. This is the type of guy that states his opinion and if you don’t like it that’s fine, but he’ll gladly state it with facts and in great detail so as to make you understand just why it makes sense and why your counter-argument might not work. He’s been doing this for so long at this point that it might seem that he feels kind of invincible armed as he is with facts and history that create a type of impenetrable wall around his point of view. His fans love him and it’s not too hard to think that he didn’t lose an overwhelming number of them over this matter, though it does seem as though he might have lost a good chunk of his fan base. Women especially seem like they might been on the way out the door when the sexual harassment charges came in, though that number could have included many men as well.

The whole issue with sexual harassment and misconduct only two to three years ago spiked out of control quickly and consumed a great many people within its troubling web. Unfortunately a lot of them, such as O’Reilly, were found to have been guilty of the crimes they’d been accused of, and many were brought to task for it. The idea that so many people were just looking the other way for so long is very appalling, but the idea that this barely slowed O’Reilly down is likely a point of frustration for a lot of folks since he’s been going strong ever since and hasn’t bothered to think about quitting.

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