A “Roswell” Series Reboot Is in Development at the CW

A “Roswell” Series Reboot Is in Development at the CW

A “Roswell” Series Reboot Is in Development at the CW

There is recent news that The CW is looking into rebooting Roswell, which was a sci-fi TV show that ran for two seasons on its predecessor The WB and then one season on UPN. Not much information has been released about the reboot, which is understandable because it is still in the earlier stages of development. However, people might be interested to learn that a number of people have been named as executive producers for the reboot. In particular, Kevin Kelly Brown is interesting because he served as an executive producer on the first Roswell as well.

What Was Roswell?

The first Roswell was based on a series of books called Roswell High. Given the name, it should come as no surprise to learn that the series was situated in the city of Roswell, which is still best-known for the supposed Roswell UFO incident. As a result, it is no wonder that the series was centered around aliens, albeit human-seeming aliens who were meant to appeal to the intended audience of high school students.

Regardless, the plot of Roswell was not an unfamiliar one for people who have ever read a book series meant for high school students. In short, a high school student named Liz Parker receives a serious wound, which convinces one of her fellow students named Max Evans to risk his cover as a normal human to heal her using his alien abilities. As a result, Liz starts interacting more and more with Max as well as the other aliens who are living in the city, which leads to a romantic relationship with the person who saved her life. Of course, this results in much relationship-based tension, which is paired with other threats such as the FBI and other not so friendly aliens that provide non-relationship-based tension.

With that said, it is interesting to note that the short description that has been provided for the reboot suggests that it might not be the same as the first Roswell. After all, Liz was a waitress at her parents’ cafe when she was shot by accident. However, the short description suggests that the reboot will be focused on a daughter of undocumented immigrants who returns to her hometown of Roswell to find that her one-time teenage crush who has since become a police officer was actually an alien. Suffice to say that this suggests a very different setting for the reboot, meaning that it could provide a fresh experience for even people who watched the first Roswell.

Can the Roswell Reboot Succeed?

Of course, there is still the issue of whether the Roswell reboot can succeed or not. On the one hand, aliens are not as popular in the present as they were back at the end of the millennium; on the other hand, romances with people concealing secret abilities and secret heritages remain just as popular even if they have been repackaged into different forms. Furthermore, the short description makes it clear that the Roswell reboot will be touching upon modern day issues by mentioning politics of fear and hatred, which has the potential to either elevate the TV show beyond its peers or bring it crashing down by handling serious matters in a ham-fisted manner.

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