We Must Admit, Henry Cavill Looks Pretty Awesome as Wolverine

We Must Admit, Henry Cavill Looks Pretty Awesome as Wolverine

So yes, Henry Cavill does look pretty cool as Wolverine, but the unfortunate part is that he’s still nearly a foot taller than the Canadian mutant. It might be that fans will have to forget about finding an actor that’s compatible with the famed X-Man when it comes to height since one thing that’s obvious is that in the coming months it’s a hope that the X-Men will become more prominent in the news as they continue to make their way towards the MCU. But as far as who might play each character, there’s been no word as to what will happen, and it’s likely that a lot of people are wondering who will take on the role of certain characters, especially the favorites. In fact, it’s a good question as to which characters will even be headed to the MCU to start with. Much like the Avengers, the X-Men and all those they’re affiliated with tend to number in the tens and hundreds when one really digs into the overall story of the team. It’s kind of fair to say that for a lot of the other characters that the margin for error is a little greater, but for Wolverine, one can imagine that fans are going to want to see someone that can possibly rival Hugh Jackman for the role, and won’t be pleased by anything less. Over the years the character has become one of the absolute favorites no matter that he’s not one of the most powerful and he can be defeated by heroes and villains that people didn’t realize had an edge over him. Logan has been one of the most popular characters for a while for a number of reasons, and his power and metal skeleton are only a couple of things that have kept him at the top of many lists.

Seeing Henry Cavill as Wolverine wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but one can just imagine how the jokes of Superman morphing into Wolverine would fly. It doesn’t feel like something that would ever happen, but the look is hard to argue with since he does pull off the chops and overall appearance pretty well in this bit of artwork. The hope for the X-Men in the MCU is that they’ll come out and be just as awesome as people remember them before they became a joke within the last few movies. Wolverine started getting phased out of the movies if anyone noticed, as Jackman was attempting to finally leave the role behind. With the movie Logan, he finally managed to do this, as the idea that the adamantium attached to his bones had been slowly poisoning him over the years, weakening his healing factor and causing him to gradually slow down as he finally became an old man. Upon meeting X-23 though, or Laura, he found a purpose once again, which was to help Laura and several other mutant children reach safety from the Reavers, mercenaries that were part human, part machine, and were actively seeking mutants to deliver them to testing facilities. In short, the future scenarios haven’t been kind to the mutants as the intolerance that has plagued them in the comics for so long has been transferred over to the movies.

It does feel safe to say that Wolverine could come back without the rest of the X-Men and people might not be too upset right away since being the most popular among them he’s the guy that people want to see. A lot of fans might even be okay with seeing Henry Cavill take on the role if he ever agreed to it. But it would likely cause a lot of controversy among the fans as well since he’s already been established as Superman and, as you can guess, DC fans and Marvel fans alike might have something to say about this. He wouldn’t be the first person to jump from one brand to another to be realistic, since a few other actors have done this. It hasn’t always been a success, but it’s been done, and if Henry Cavill did come over to the MCU it does feel that a lot of people would accept it even as some would decide to call it the worst decision ever made. Taking into account that Cavill is a busy guy and probably won’t make his way over to this side of the comics, people shouldn’t need to worry, but if he does, oh well. Finding the right person to play Wolverine is what people are bound to focus on since this character is an icon in the Marvel universe and he’s one of those that people want to see done correctly because of that. If Henry Cavill is the guy and wants the job, so be it, if not, then keep looking.

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