We Might Just Have to Watch Sushi Size Me Based on the Trailer

Sushi Size Me

While the Sushi Size Me documentary has already started as of December 6th and will only run until the 12th it could have some interesting ramifications since the results could be something that people might be interested in. High school literature teacher and varsity basketball coach Leo Sanders decided to try and lose weight by going on an all-sushi diet, despite the fact that he’s not really fond of sushi. That seems like something that could work since it would either be sushi or nothing, but it also feels as though it could be something that might be seen as harmful to the body considering that too much of anything can be a bad idea. Thankfully there are many different types of sushi so it’s likely that Leo could get away with doing this without really causing any harmful effects to his body. As B. Alan Orange of MovieWeb reveals the producer of this documentary actually threw in $1,500 for Leo’s meals, which is a pretty hefty sum but is also a lot of sushi when you really think about it. Hopefully he didn’t go so far as to try any gas station sushi since that stuff tends to be kind of iffy unless the station has a good reputation with it.

Unlike the Super Size Me movie this might actually have a chance of catching on since it’s a guy that’s going from eating unhealthy, or so it would appear, to eating healthy and trying to lose weight. Super Size Me was about a guy showing the dangers of eating McDonald’s for every meal for a prolonged time, and while he was healthy going in he was anything but when the movie was over. The irritating part about this however is that whether a person wants to admit it or not there aren’t a lot of people that eat McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. There are those that use the fast food chains as their primary source of food, but thinking that someone who can afford to eat healthy, and even those that are struggling to provide food for their families, eats in this manner day in and day out is a bit presumptuous. If anything, Super Size Me was a look at how unhealthy such a lifestyle could be if it was shared by a widespread number of people. While a lot of people do visit fast food restaurants quite often, those same people will also sit down to a home-cooked meal now and again as well. The idea of subsisting on fast food is pretty disgusting and the attempt to show what it was like really came off as more preachy and useless than informative and need-to-know.

Sushi Size Me does appear to be on the right track though since it’s about a guy that’s trying to get healthy and lose weight and has picked a relatively good way to do so. Despite the amount of rice that he’d be ingesting, which is a lot of carbs when you think about it, he’s still staying active and sticking to the diet. The amusing thing is that he doesn’t really like sushi that much, but it’s also impressive since he’s sticking to what he said he would do and not going back on it. When you look at the number of ways that sushi can be made and what from however you get the feeling that he’s not suffering all that much since a lot of sushi pairings look pretty good and even sound good. Some are a little less than a person might desire and some just look absolutely gross. Sorry, but fake crab in anything just sounds nasty since it’s really pulverized white fish and starch that’s been made to look like crab. Those that eat this and ‘mm it’s just like crab’ have either never had crab in their life or have faulty taste buds. Anyway, the selection of sushi and the ability to improve on it and play with the recipes a bit offers up a very wide assortment of different sushi rolls that Leo could consume. After a while though almost anyone could admit that sushi might get old and it might be time for something different. But if eating sushi and continuing to be active does the trick then it might be worth following for a while. Will it tempt people to try this once they see it? Maybe, but maybe not since not a lot of people were willing to trying the diet in Super Size Me considering how sick it was making the guy in the movie.

Sushi is an interesting food but eating just sushi and nothing else for so long could get kind of old and make the taste buds yearn for something else. But if it works it’s kind of hard to knock it.

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