Casting a Noah Hawley Doctor Doom Movie

Casting a Noah Hawley Doctor Doom Movie

Casting a Noah Hawley Doctor Doom Movie

Right off the bat you would need to stick to the source material with this movie. The last Fantastic Four wasn’t bad for the special effects, but the representation of Dr. Doom was simply horrendous. In the comics he’s a ruler of his own little country and one of the wealthiest, smartest, and most powerful men on the planet. The only thing that really keeps him down is his arrogance and ignorance that anyone else could possibly be as clever as he is. Thankfully that seems to be a major stumbling block that Dr. Doom cannot seem to overcome. In making a movie about his life however the Fantastic Four, his arch-enemies, would need to be included at some point. The main point throughout the movie however would have to be that Doom is the bad guy, without reservation.

Casting might be a slight issue when considering if the rights to the character are in question, but here are some suggestions.

Director – Joshua Trank

His vision for the Fantastic Four wasn’t all that great and was limited to a very shallow story arc, but it had potential. If given a chance to do Dr. Doom it would need to be with the understanding that this needs to be a reboot of sorts. Take the source material and stay as close to the actual character as possible without deviating so much that it ruins the story for good.

The Plot

Follow the comic book material and reboot the accident that gifted the Fantastic Four their powers. Bring them in later after Doom has become the despot and powerhouse that he’s known to be. Despite being the bad guy, Doom needs to be the focus.

Dr. Doom – Alexander Skarsgard

Much like his famous father Stellan there is something just a bit different about Alexander. He has that penetrating stare that can make a person feel only an inch tall and most definitely has the haughty attitude that reeks of Doom’s character. His European background also makes him uniquely fit for the role, and he could easily play a character that is rich, arrogant, and loves to be in control.

Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards – Miles Teller

It would make sense to bring back the man that performed Mr. Fantastic so well and is the perfect foil to Dr. Doom’s maniacal schemes. Besides that, Richards and Doom are old rivals that are hardly ever apart for that long considering that Doom attempts to destroy the Fantastic Four, and everyone else, on a regular basis. For an epic showdown you couldn’t possibly find a better pairing.

The Thing/Ben Grimm – Jaime Bell

Ben tends to go where Reed goes, so it would only make sense to put him in this film as well. The CGI effects that created The Thing in the last ill-fated movie were actually not that bad. The Thing is after all solid rock and needs to have a rough, almost natural appearance. Also, Jaime Bell was fantastic as Ben Grimm, and would be the first choice to reprise this role.

The Human Torch/Johnny Storm – Michael B. Jordan

He played a great part and did it well. Johnny has always been a hothead, no pun intended, and would need to be an integral part of the team to make it work. The dynamic between him and Ben is also one of the better aspects of the team.

The Invisible Woman/Sue Storm – Cara Delevingne

Hear me out on this one. I know she worked across the pond for DC, but she wouldn’t be the only one to jump from one side to the other, and she has the acting chops to get it done. Kate Mara kind of struck out, so let’s give someone with a proven track record a try.

This entire mess is in desperate need of a reboot. Getting it right this time would only vindicate that Dr. Doom is in fact a very serious threat to the MCU, and would possibly set him up for another movie or at least another appearance.

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