Watch a Two Year Old Mistake a Batman Statue For Her Dad

Watch a Two Year Old Mistake a Batman Statue For Her Dad

To start off with this little girl is just too cute. You can see her looking up but at first you have no idea just what she’s looking at. When she’s asked who that is she says “daddy” and you immediately assume that her father is standing nearby doing something or perhaps looking back at her. Then the camera pans away eventually and you see a statue of Batman.

Then you kind begin to wonder a little.

There’s nothing bad about it really, it’s just very cute that the little girl would look at the statue and say daddy. Maybe her father dresses up occasionally and she’s taken to identifying him in this kind of role. Or maybe her father has a build kind of like the statue. Whatever the case she’s trying to get his attention and “daddy” just won’t turn around. How rude, we say with a smiling hint of sarcasm.

You get the feeling really that this child is probably just speaking to speak, as it happens from time to time. Kids say the most amazing things every now and then and will even call out to people, or inanimate objects, in ways that might confuse adults. Some kids might call out to a stranger that they think they know, while others might call them by mommy, or daddy, or other names that they know their family by.

The only real tragic part is that some parents tend to get offended by this and in all honesty they shouldn’t. Kids are still learning each day as they go out into the world and continue to experience many things for the first time. It’s something we’ve all done and a lot of us have most likely called out to statues or to people we don’t know thinking that they look familiar.  This is of course no slight against anyone since many children wouldn’t know how to insult someone on purpose if they had to. Kids are little mimics more often than not and act in the manner they see as normal from their point of view.

Kids this age don’t know much if anything about malice. They know how to act and react, and of course are learning how to emulate those around them. Much of the time they are simply reacting to the world they see in the only way they know how, which is to simply react in the moment without any thought beforehand. That’s why when something comes out of their mouth like this there’s no cause for concern, they’re simply talking.

Now calling someone else daddy might seem like a problem but in reality this girls father might dress up like Batman, he might have close to the same physique, and there might be even more reasons why she would call the statue daddy. Whatever the case she wants him to answer and isn’t going to stop until he does. She might be waiting a while, but it’s cute all the same. Or maybe this is just wishful thinking on her part.


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