Watch Dustin Diamond Play Harvey Weinstein in New Music Video

If you didn’t hear it from anyone else you might not have known that Dustin Diamond was supposed to be playing the part of Harvey Weinstein in this music video. Honestly he just looks like another guy in a bad suit that likes to drink, thinks he’s great, and has a bit of drug problem. Oh and he thinks he’s a ladies man too. That kind describes what a lot of people have said about both Weinstein and Dustin Diamond over the years doesn’t it? It’s hard to know if you haven’t paid attention these many years, but truth be told there are a lot of unflattering things that are said out there about many stars. Right now though Weinstein is just one of many that’s been getting a serious amount of abuse when it comes to the sexual harassment charges that have been flying around Hollywood like the flying baboons in Wizard of Oz.

It’s a weird analogy but it seems to fit since if you think about it every now and again someone will escape these charges either because they’re really innocent and are just being accused as a means of payback or they’ve somehow escaped notice for so long that the statute of limitations has run out. Harvey Weinstein, Jeremy Piven, Dustin Hoffman, T.J. Miller, and a whole other list of Hollywood big shots are being outed in ways that seem extremely harsh if one believes them. But if even a single person among them is found to be truly innocent then the doubt this causes falls back on the lot of them since if one person is willing to lie to ruin someone they don’t like then what’s to say that other people won’t lie in an attempt to get noticed and get in the news. Heck, if someone lies about a celebrity and it’s accepted as the truth that person might even get a Lifetime movie made about them one day.

Don’t get me wrong on anything here, if these men are guilty, and by their responses far too many are, then it’s time to clean house in Hollywood. It’s unfortunate that they decided to do these things in their youth or even in recent years but they need to be made to pay for it. The message of this video seems to go to extremes since Dustin Diamond is reportedly playing Weinstein and is eventually stabbed to death by the woman that takes him into the room. She has to get hopped up on pills and alcohol to do the deed but the point is that she does it and then goes back to her life as a nun, if I’m seeing it right.

Basically, justice has been meted out by a servant of the Almighty. I might need to watch the video once more but front and center that’s what I got out of it. If you find anything else that you noticed please let me know because this seems to be an artistic commentary on what someone thinks should happen. Death to Weinstein? I’m not sure even his greatest detractors would agree with that.

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