The Five Best Ashanti Songs of All-Time

Ashanti is basically one of the many singers that you have probably heard of and even heard her songs but don’t know her so well because she seems to get glossed over every now and again. She’s got a lot of talent and has grown up cultivating her skills, but it almost feels as though she gets overlooked sometimes in favor of new up and coming singers or those that seem to have more of an edge to their music. She does sing very soft, sultry songs that are fun and airy but tend to be on the light side. Thankfully there are a lot of people that like this kind of music and her following on social media kind of proves this since there are millions of people that happen to adore her. Apart from being a singer she has been featured on TV in music videos and in movies as well. If you recall she was the love interest of Rob Brown in Coach Carter. She played a pretty significant role in this movie since the dynamic between her and Brown was a story that has been told in real life and on film a number of times where a young woman in high school becomes pregnant and both she and the young man have to find a way to deal with it. As Corey Brown of MTV News summarized the outcome was that Brown’s character was seen to be supportive as he stayed with Ashanti’s character even after she decided to have an abortion, as she wasn’t ready.

But when you really get back down to it, Ashanti’s fame came mostly from her voice and how it makes people feel. With that said, here are five of her best songs.

5. Rock Wit U

Just listening to her music you get an idea that you’ve either heard it somewhere or you might remember that it was one of your favorite songs back in the day. Ashanti has been around for a while obviously but is still popular enough that people tend to flock to her whenever they hear these songs. She’s definitely one of the more sultry singers out there that knows how to use her voice and her looks to make a video pop. Of course the sex appeal is there since she’s a very attractive woman and has the kind of talent that makes a lot of folks come to realize that she has the kind of talent that they like.

4. Rain On Me

It seems like it’s very easy to lose sight of things and people in your life when you become famous, and whether or not this has happened to Ahanti is hard to tell, but it does seem as though it might be a concern. That being said, following a dream does seem very important at times, but it’s also important to have a stable or at least least satisfying home life. Fame doesn’t always seem to allow for such a thing since the people that make a person famous tend to demand more than a lot of celebrities can give all the time. But how they manage their time at home and on the road tends to make them who they are.

3. Happy

Ja Rule was at one time a very hot commodity when it came to appearing in other singers’ videos and songs, and to be honest he’s still a big name despite being more seasoned and experienced throughout the length of his career. Using him in a video like this is definitely a boost that Ashanti might not have needed but is still appreciated since it seems like a ringing endorsement of her music and her career that validates her as a powerful and worthwhile singer. Granted, she does that all on her own, but giving her a bit of a leg to stand on by teaming her up with another singer definitely counts as a boost that many musicians would gladly take.

2. Baby

it’s easy to think that Ashanti was just a flash in the pan with a few big hits, but the truth is that she’s been able to stick around for long enough to be considered as one of the greats that might not always be recognized but is still there to be considered. Her style of music isn’t for everyone since it’s kind of soft and leans more towards those that enjoy a good love song. But that’s a niche that has been popular for so long that the fan base isn’t about to go anywhere, especially as the artists that populate it continue to come out with new tracks and albums that are geared towards those that tend to listen.

1. Foolish

Perhaps the best part about this video is the fact that it follows the theme of Goodfellas right down to the way that it progresses from the beginning to the end. Taking it from a woman’s perspective is definitely a different lean, but it’s also one that’s kind of interesting since it shows a very different perspective. Ashanti is quite honestly one of the more popular artists that might need a little exposure in the current day and age, as she’s earned it without a doubt.

She’s a great singer, ’nuff said.

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