The Top Uses of Sting Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Sting Songs in Movies or TV

A lot of people today still recognize Sting as being a part of the band The Police, but he’s been a solo artist since around 1985. A few of his hits that came from his time with The Police came with him and continued to do well on the charts as his career kept moving forward. Throughout his time in the band and during his solo career he’s sold over 200 million albums, which is no small feat for any musician. People love his voice and his message and continue to listen to him in the current day.

On TV, in movies, or even at dances, weddings, and other functions, he’s usually one of the artists that makes the playlist.

5. Leon: The Professional-Shape of My Heart

This movie is one of the forgotten treats that people will crow over when they realize what it is but will otherwise not think about. Personally I happen to like the story quite a bit since I’m into the whole lone assassin thing that Leon does. He stays alone, he works alone, and he leads a rather simple if unfulfilling life until he meets Matilda. She creates a snag in his otherwise droll existence that he comes to cherish after a while.

4. Dr. Who-An Englishman in New York

The legend of Dr. Who has been one that has for quite some time been fully embraced by fans near and far and has been something of a phenomenon that I can even recall as a young kid watching it on PBS. As of now however the good doctor seems to be waning just slightly in popularity, but perhaps that’s because I’m not in the know when it comes to the show. I do know however that the latest Dr. is a woman, which sent a lot of fans into a tizzy.

3. The Voice Kids-Fields of Gold

Don’t ever underestimate kids. They can sing like you wouldn’t believe sometimes, especially if they have encouragement and family and friends that help them along the way. Some kids have the voices of angels while others are adept at singing but need a lot of work. The moment you find out that a kid can sing in a naturally beautiful voice however is the moment a person needs to ask the kid if they want to keep going with it. That’s the kind of gift you don’t squander.

2. Saturday Night Live-Desert Rose

Leave it to Jimmy Fallon and SNL to take one of the most iconic singers in history and make a spoof of him. At least most people that see themselves parodied on SNL are able to see the humor in it an play along. After all Sting isn’t the first performer to have been spoofed in this manner when it comes to SNL.

1. Just Go With It-Driven to Tears

Looking at this clip I think a lot of parents would be thinking of doing something rather rash in this moment if their kids threw a drink at them like this. But given that we’re supposedly living in a PC world now it might be that some folks would want to talk it out with this kid rather than react the way they wanted to. And in terms of kids acting out, talking seems to be one of the hit and miss methods in any case.

Sting has so many hits that it’s hard to pick from them all, but these are some of the best.

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