The Top Five Songs Clint Eastwood Ever Composed

The Top Five Songs Clint Eastwood Ever Composed

You’ve seen him at the piano in several movies and even heard that he’s a composer. It’s still hard to equate the tough guy from so many westerns and other films to the type that would sit down and belt out a series of notes that actually sound pretty good. For just about as long as he’s been an actor, a director, and a producer, Clint Eastwood, yes, Clint Eastwood, has been rocking it on the music scene as well. To be fair he’s never been as big in the music industry as he has on screen, but it’s an accomplishment all the same considering that when he was younger he had a very nice voice.

5. I Talk to The Trees

It’d be hard to picture Josey Wales or Blondie belting out a tune about talking to the trees, but Eastwood has got a very good voice that carries well in this track. Just a walk through the woods to sort things out seems to be the kind of thing that might be needed. It’s still kind of hard to equate this with the tough guy image that he created after so long.

4. Burning Bridges

You’ll hear it said in this article more than once, it’s very hard to equate Clint Eastwood with a singing career. His voice is still one of the best you might’ve heard in a while though, mostly because it’s just him singing and there’s really no other sound that’s needed when he’s belting out a tune. You might still be in a state of shock unless you already knew about his singing talent, so let’s keep moving on.

3. Beers to You

His voice is good enough to go solo, but when next to Ray Charles it’s a little different. Of course really who can compare with Ray Charles? Once they go into the chorus their voices fit just fine, but until that point they’re more opposite than anything. He still has an awesome voice, but it’s so easy to be drowned out by Ray that Clint kind of gets lost in this one until the chorus hits again. Then it’s a classic all over again. It’s the kind of song you could drink to and have a good time.

2. Bar Room Buddies

Thoughts of down home enter the mind when this track hits. Once again Clint is kind of the backup, this time to Merle Haggard, but he’s still a contender in the track. And once again, when the chorus hits, his voice strikes up as one of the best.  This is one of those feelgood tracks that you can’t help but tap your toe to as you order another round and keep on listening.

1. Gran Torino

Clint’s been through a lot in his career. This track isn’t one of his best, but it makes the list for one reason alone. He’s still doing it. After all these years his fingers can still tickle the keys even if his voice can’t quite belt out the notes. Keep in mind he’s 87 years old and then think about all he’s done in his life. If your voice is sounding the same at 87 then maybe you should be thankful, but it’s enough to know that he’s still able to do this and do it well.

So, are over your shock yet? Clint Eastwood has done a lot in his career, and musician is one of his more notable roles that he’s definitely enjoyed.


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