Check Out This Orchestral Doctor Who Themed Performed From Home

Doctor Who Season 12

So first off, yes, the coronavirus is still keeping people at home and it is still very much a thing as this video might easily remind you. But second, how impressive was this? Obviously each person could easily record their piece and send it in and a masterful edit could possibly bring it all together in a way that would make sense, but it’s still enough to be seriously appreciative of the skill and talent that goes into this orchestra since even playing an instrument is beyond the range of some folks, and yes my hand is raised since I can carry a tune but for some reason can’t force myself to learn an instrument. But anyway, the whole idea of Doctor Who has been such a driving force for so many people for so long that it’s not difficult to talk about it unless you’re not a fan and therefore have no idea just what’s going on during the show. But thinking that it’s easy enough to get into the idea that it is this big of a deal and that people have flocked to it in droves isn’t hard to see, just look at the fan blogs and, whenever there’s another chance, spend the money to go a convention and you’ll see that large numbers of people idolize the show and even have their favorite Doctor’s as well. Like any other show it’s attracted a wide and very diverse fan base that happen to enjoy the story and have their own likes and dislikes when it comes to the program.

Having been on the air for so long it’s very easy to think that Doctor Who might be looking, from time to time, for something new to bring in or at least has an idea that it might one day change radically or even go off the air. I can almost hear the hate or disgusted comments coming from that idea, but if there’s anything that makes a show immortal in the eyes of the audience it’s when it’s no longer available but is just as loved by the fan base all the same. While that’s not likely to be a popular idea when it comes to the Doctor Who fans it’s still something that can’t help but be discussed now and again since the show’s been running for so long that it’s had to switch up the format a couple of times and really get inventive with a few of the ideas that have come along. Trying to keep it fresh and capable of bringing the fans back and creating interest for new ones has to be kind of taxing, though at this point it’s obvious that those in charge have been doing what they can.

The music is iconic enough that a lot of people, even some that don’t watch the show, can pick it out of a crowd when asked to do so. But apart from that and the idea that many fans still believe wholeheartedly in the premise of the show, there’s this nagging feeling that at some point it’s going to end, if only because it might be time at some point. Many fans have already moved on to other shows and favorites throughout their lives, keeping Doctor Who as a special show that they still love but might not prioritize in the same manner as before. There’s nothing wrong with moving on from a show, as it still keeps a special place in the hearts and minds of the viewers, especially if a person has an emotional attachment of sorts to it. But for one reason or another it does feel as though eventually the show will come to an end, and people will absolutely hate it since they’ll continue to want more. That’s the nature of the viewing audience unfortunately, as a lot of them want to watch something until they have a reason to gripe about why it’s no longer doing it for them and that the story has devolved into something that’s virtually unable to be watched due to one factor or another. Some might have said that about the show once a woman took the main role, but a lot of have stuck it out and continued to watch simply because they’re hooked and love the story.

That’s the whole gist of it really, if a person can get into the story and enjoy themselves. If that’s able to happen then a person will forgive a great deal of things from the opening music to pretty much anything, so long as it doesn’t disrupt the story in a huge and fundamental manner. Doctor Who has been around long enough at this point that it’s fair to state that people have forgiven a lot, but if they changed the theme song, one can only imagine the chaos.

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