Watch This 1933 Animated Mickey Mouse Horror Short “The Mad Doctor”

So it seems that Disney was a little more fringe back in the day, as a lot of what’s in here now wouldn’t possibly be shown on the Mickey Mouse show that kids watch today. The Disney films might be able to get away with a lot of scary stuff, but the cartoons on TV aren’t able to compete with the likes of The Mad Doctor. It’s not so bad that it would unwatchable, but let’s face it, Mickey cartoons have changed a lot since their black and white days.

As a Halloween episode it seems pretty well on topic, but it’s still enough that I do think that some parents would throw a fit if Disney decided to air it on TV again. And yet they’ll let their kids watch far worse things that air on regular television, right? It’s amazing what parents let their kids watch these days while still having the gall to say that they see anything wrong with old cartoons like this.

Personally I don’t think it’s any worse than the run of the mill Tom and Jerry cartoon, and in fact it’s far tamer than that even. Disney cartoons have been a bit offensive mostly because of the times in which they were created and the views of the animators and storytellers, but they’ve been getting a great deal better since. The biggest issue these days is what someone wishes to be offended by, meaning that they will find something, anything, to get bent out of shape about. But the thing is, as much as this cartoon is a lot darker than any Mickey Mouse cartoon on the air today, it’s still pretty much fair game as far as being kid-friendly and definitely okay to watch.

I can recall as a kid growing up with Disney and Looney Tunes. Disney was almost always the company that made things cute, cuddly, and personable. Looney Tunes was where things got wild and so out of control that you knew that all you could do was wait and watch, someone would be falling off a cliff or slamming into a wall to fold up like an accordion. And what was the harm? So very few kids emulated what they saw on TV that Looney Tunes became just as harmless as Disney, and Disney still got to be the wholesome channel because very few things ever really happened. In fact I think the most I remember happening is when Donald Duck had a feud going with Chip and Dale.

This cartoon might be scarier for younger children that haven’t seen something like this yet but for anyone else it’s a classic or it’s incredibly tame. Mickey Mouse and Pluto back in the day were something that kids loved to watch and in truth they still do. While the cartoons have changed the overall feeling of Disney has remained the same. It’s about as wholesome as it gets in the cartoon world and isn’t bound to change that much.

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