Want to Help Your Favorite Win The Voice This Season – There’s an App for That!

Win The Voice This Season - use the app!


As a viewer, watching the pre-recorded shows can be absolutely maddening.  Seeing your favorites to win The Voice sent home is a moment of pure powerlessness.  Although there isn’t anything definitive you can do about that, there is a way to get your opinion heard.  Use The Voice app!

I know.  You’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about.  Voting on the app only counts during the live shows!

This is true.  That’s why I’ve never bothered downloading it until the lives started.  I wasn’t all that interested in “playing along at home. However, this season decided to download it early and I’ve had it on when the show airs.

Here’s How The App Can Help Your Favorite Win The Voice This Season

The Voice app is setup to let viewers vote for their favorites starting all the way from the blinds!  It registers how many people voted for the various singers and spits out the percentages.  Obviously the votes don’t change any outcomes – so what’s the point of keeping track?

The answer has to be the data.  Just like the number of iTune sales and Youtube hits, the stats from the app add to the information about how a particular singer is doing with the viewing audience.  On top of judging an artist’s actual performance these numbers are floating around in the heads of coaches when they have to chose who gets to stay.

With this kind of information coaches can estimate a singer’s popularity both currently and in terms of progression.   For instance, maybe a performer didn’t have high numbers for the blinds, but if those numbers are trending upward, it suggests momentum for that person is growing.  That’s someone a coach might want to keep.  Another thing the app helps with is tweeting the coaches about a singer as the singer is performing.  You can bet that the number of times a singer gets mentioned is being tracked at well.  (The Voice app makes tweeting the coaches about a singer super easy!)

Even the little play-along game gives the producers and coaches information to work with.  In the game you’re supposed to pick you five favorites to win the show and you can swap people out as the show goes along.  For the show this game gives them an ever-changing list that the ranks the contestants from most to least favorite!  Pretty handy, right?

Of course, the numbers aren’t the only factor in what singers get advanced.  Coaches have their favorites and gut feelings about things.  Nevertheless, the numbers are definitely a factor. That’s why they have that Itunes multiplier bonus.  Higher numbers help keep a person on the show.

The Wrap Up:  Start Using The Voice App Before The Lives

While voting during the lives is the obvious reason to use The Voice app, using it earlier lets you weight in a little before they start.   Next season I’d start using it from day one!  However, if you want to give an extra push for your favs to win The Voice this season, download the app (for iTunes or Android) and start weighing in during the knockouts!

Of course, the app is also great for regular voting during the lives.  Also, come the lives, for those on the West coast and in mountain time, the app will tell you when to tweet for the instant save! Granted, you won’t be able to see the performances your voting on, but if your mind’s already made up, you can get your instant save vote in!

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