WandaVision Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment

All cards on the table, I was not as excited for WandaVision as I was for several other shows, but it turned out to be interesting at least and it wasn’t boring really since it laid some groundwork for phase 4 of the MCU, though there’s so much more to come that it’s easy to think that this was just one of the foundation stones among several others. Wanda, who was a victim of the snap, returned filled with rage in Endgame and could have ended Thanos had she not been intent on making him suffer. But she was filled with just as much grief as she was with rage, and it shouldn’t have been too hard to imagine that two powerful emotions would combine after seeing Vision taken apart and realizing that nothing of his essence remained. But it was evident after a while that her power and her emotions went out of control as she sought to create the perfect home for herself and Vision, no matter what it would cost anyone else, as her power raged out of control along with her grief, wiping one another away until the town of Westview was reshaped and reformed into the ideal landscape her wounded psyche made of it. Of course, it was likely that no one expected things to start out back in the 50s and 60s, or to experience the strange glitches that occurred early on, but it provided a great hook that made it a little easier to keep watching.

There are a lot of questions raised obviously since the appearance of Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo are being taken to mean that there will be plenty of other spinoffs coming and that the two of them will be holding a prominent role in phase 4. But the downside of WandaVision is that it gave a few very big fakeouts that people are still trying to convince themselves might be lead-ins to other factors that the MCU will be bringing in the form of other shows and ideas that have yet to be realized. Between the idea that Mephisto might be pulling the strings in the show, to thinking that Quicksilver’s appearance, by Evan Peters no less, would herald the arrival of the X-Men, the show managed to give the impression that things were about to kick off in a big way, only to drop the audience flat as it was revealed that Agatha Harkness, who is an ally to the heroes in the comics, is now a villain in the MCU, or so she appears to be. Obviously I’m not sold, but that fact is that she did fight against Wanda, and attempted to shame her by reminding Wanda that she had unwittingly enslaved an entire town in her fantasy.

What it came down to is the idea that Wanda is fighting her own sense of loss since Vision was her whole world after her brother died, and having no one was a little too tough for her to take. But by the end of the season, she realized that she had to move on and that her powers were too out of control to be anywhere near people. It does feel odd that a few heroes embrace isolation so readily when things go wrong, but it’s something that does make sense considering that they’re attempting to do as little harm at that point as is humanly possible. But for Wanda, holing up somewhere in the wilds where she can study the ways of magic and not have to worry about hurting anyone appears to be ideal. As far as White Vision goes he’s no doubt going to have to work out the emotions and feelings that were imparted to him by the memory that Wanda created of the Vision. When we’ll see him again is hard to say, but obviously Wanda’s time in the MCU isn’t done since it’s been confirmed that she’ll be appearing in the Doctor Strange sequel. It’d be great if Agatha showed up again as well, but as it is with anything and anyone, we’ll have to continue to wait to see what happens on that front. As it stands now, the finale of the show created just as many questions as it answered, but is a decent point to jump from when thinking about delving further into the MCU. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier show is starting soon, so hopefully this will be yet another pleasing excursion into the MCU that will expose more of the content that’s there, waiting to be unleashed.

WandaVision was an odd way to start phase 4 without any doubt, but for those that love the chaotic nature of it the show was a lot of fun and it brought a few ideas and characters into the fray that are hopefully going to be just as prominent moving forward.

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