Funny Video Explains How Marvel’s Wandavision Should Have Ended

As the first show in Phase 4 of the MCU, WandaVision was bound to be heavily scrutinized by the fans as well as critics and as it can be seen in so many different articles online, the show was a hit, but it was also quite confusing at times since thanks to Easter eggs, tricks, and various reveals it was made clear that Wanda’s story is far from over, and that we might actually see Vision again, which feels like a slap to the face for some fans but is promising to others. The way the show started out was insanely confusing, probably more so for those that are just getting into the MCU and might not have read a single comic before deciding to watch. Being a fan of the MCU isn’t so exclusive that one can’t ever figure what’s going on unless they’ve been a superfan, but the thing is that if a person is just getting into things now then they do have a lot of reading and watching to do before they’re really caught up with everything that’s been happening. After all, the MCU goes all the way back to Iron Man when things were getting going, and Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, is where Wanda and Vision really came into focus finally as they emerged on the scene, showing what they could do and why they were a vital part of the Marvel universe. But after the Infinity Saga, everything changed in a very fundamental way, as has been portrayed in both WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier so far. Wanda’s grief at losing Vision in Infinity War was so great that she traveled to the town of Westview, where she and Vision were apparently planning to settle down, and her grief simply took over, creating the Hex, the energy field that was initially invisible to everyone, but kept the citizens of the town from leaving. That wasn’t the only thing that kept them from leaving though.

Some people are hard to be around when they’re grieving, but Wanda is absolutely dangerous when she’s grieving since the power she wields is so powerful that it actually enslaved the mind of every individual in Westview and placed them in a simulated sitcom world in which everyone had their part to play and not a single person could break free of the waking nightmare that had become their lives. In fact, it wasn’t until Vision began to notice several discrepancies around town that it was made fully apparent that something just wasn’t right. There had been hints up to that point, such as a colorful toy helicopter that fell from the sky when the show was still in black and white, a stranger in a bee-keeping outfit that turned out to be a SWORD agent that had infiltrated the town but had still been changed by the Hex. And worse than anything was that Wanda was controlling it, though not in a way that would imply that she was in complete control. If anything, her emotions were running the show, and with each new reveal and each shift, something else began to happen as the sitcom world went from the 50s to the modern era throughout the course of the show, forcing everyone within Westview to experience the various changes as the town changed, the styles changed, and Wanda’s grief continued to play out in a manner that was due largely to her experiences as a child when her father would entertain the family with various DVDs that they would watch. This reveal was enough to satisfy many people since, in her grief, Wanda had brought to life a time in her life when things made sense, when she hadn’t lost so much, and when she felt safe.

Looking back on things now though one has to wonder why the MCU didn’t bring in a few people since what’s seen in the clip above isn’t too far-fetched since Doctor Strange did say in Thor: Ragnarok that he kept a watch list of various threats, which could very easily mean Wanda since her power has been escalating since her introduction. The idea of having Hawkeye and his protege take her down is less than feasible though since if she could take control of so many people at once it’s hard to think that a single arrow, even if it’s worked before, could really take her down at this point. The argument is sound, but it wouldn’t have worked as a plot device. All the same, WandaVision gave people a lot to think about, and it’s fair to say that we’ll see more of Wanda, and likely Vision, as Phase 4 continues. The only question is how much stronger is she going to get, and will Vision ever retain his old self now that he has his memories back.

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