Walton Goggins is Set to Star in CBS’ “L.A. Confidential” Series

Walton Goggins is Set to Star in CBS’ “L.A. Confidential” Series

Walton Goggins is Set to Star in CBS’ “L.A. Confidential” Series

Walton Goggins is all set to star in the CBS release of LA Confidential series, and it seems like one of the best roles that he could take on. Goggins is a well-known face among TV and movies and has had a wide array of roles that has seen him take on some truly interesting characters. In the coming series he’s going to pick up the role of detective Jack Vincennes, a man that’s all swagger and flash with enough experience and corruption in his being to know to work the system to his advantage. This seems like the type of character that Goggins has been seen to portray in the past several films and TV roles that he’s taken, and he’s been in a lot.

If you don’t recall, he’s been in The Shield, Justified, did a stint as Venus Van Dam on Sons of Anarchy, and has had several other supporting roles as well. He’s played the bad guy, the less than bad guy, and even the good guy on rare occasions. A lot of times it seems that he’s made for the part of the guy that simply works the system and gets by on his survival skills, though he’s also played someone with authority that’s supposedly awesome right up until someone cuts the legs out from under him. His whole persona seems to be one that can adapt just so much but can do so in a way that makes you believe in the character and believe that the end they meet is usually very justified. He’s not exactly the heroic type in the roles he plays but he has had his moments, such as in Predators when he played the inmate among the group, Stans. That time he went out trying to take out one of the hunters by stabbing him to death. It didn’t work too well since he had his spine ripped out of his body in the next instant.

But those are the type of characters he seems to play the best, those with a hint or a definite streak of corruption to them. Even Venus Van Dam wasn’t without her vices really. The beauty of these roles however is that he’s got the right look for them and is able to play them to a tee. A detective that is all flash and swagger isn’t a hard roll for Goggins to nail down without much effort, as it’s the kind of thing he’s been doing for a while and knows how to perform without fail. In fact when you watch him onscreen you get the sense that he’s one of the many actors that’s able to fall so deeply into his role that he might need to take a moment and come out of character when the director says ‘cut’. That could be an exaggeration but the guy is just that good.

A big hope is that this series is going to be a hit so that Goggins can continue the role and keep being as awesome as we all know him to be.

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