Jewish Populations in Europe in 1933 vs. Today

I know this is a site that mostly caters to movies and TV but we do have a “news” section and if anything needs to be considered news, it’s this recent chart that I came across.   As many of you know, antisemitism has been on the rise since Donald Trump took office.   My gut feeling is that is was always there and now that this administration is underway, people have been coming out of the woodwork to display how they really feel.  The hope is that all of the bomb threats to Jewish centers all around the country will subside and that the hate will stop.  But I think we’d be fooling ourselves if that were the case.

Today I wanted to share a chart with you that pits 1933 Europe vs. 2017 Europe.   Each side shows the approximate number of Jewish people in each region.   This chart goes out to all those people that deny the Holocaust ever happened or any event for that matter which nearly annihilated an entire population of people.   The numbers here are mind blowing.  I have nothing else to say, this chart says it all.

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