The Voice 6.05 Recap: Teams Level Out With One Blind Audition Left

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With only one blind audition left, the sixth season of the hit NBC show The Voice saw it’s four coaches standing on nearly a level playing field by episode five’s end. Shakira, Adam Levine, Usher and Blake Shelton have all nearly completed their teams and there isn’t one coach who has clearly separated himself from the pack.

Kat Perkins, 33, from Minnesota was the first contestant of the night to get some chairs to turn around. The country western rocker got Levine, Shakira and Usher’s attention, but ended up joining team Adam. Paula Deanda, 24, who formerly had a record contract was the next singer to get picked up. During her performance of “The Way” by Ariana Grande, Shelton and Shakira turned around. In somewhat of an upset Shelton nabbed her.

The show continued with 24-year old bartender Jake Barber who harnessed his inner-Bruno Mars to get three chairs to turn around. Usher was the natural choice for Barber. Shelton again stole a singer from Shakira next, landing 19-year old Ria Eaton. Perhaps the best part of the night was when Shakira walked up on stage to go face-to-face with team hopeful Cierra Mickens. At that point, there was no hope for Usher. Shakira finally landed an artist of quality for the night.

Shelton and Levine were back at it again with a duo from Oklahoma (typically we don’t see duos here). Levine and Shelton’s banter is usually one of the best part’s of the show. It was an easy win for Shelton who landed Alaska Holloway and Madison Medcalf. Don’t think a duo stands much of a chance here because it’s somewhat unfair. Nonetheless, they’re on Shelton’s squad.

Shakira picked up one more before the performance of the night, Josh Kaufman, a 38-year old father of two. He sang “One More Try” by George Michael and received four chairs for his efforts. With the coaches pleading, Levine got himself back in the conversation by landing the artist.

Overall, it was a great show and what we’ve come to love from The Voice. The coaches chemistry and banter (particularly Levine and Shelton) is just awesome. Levine’s late steal kept him in the game. Big night again for Blake Shelton. On to the final blinds….

[Photo via Tyler Golden/NBC]

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