Video Of A Human Artist And Artificially Intelligent Robotic Arm Sketching The Same Bust Simultaneously

This video showing a human artist and an AI robotic arm sketching the same bust simultaneously is very telling when it comes to the difference between humans and robots. For one you know the robot will never grow tired and will only stop if programmed to do so or if it runs out of power. Another good point is that the robot will stick to the programming and be quite literal in its interpretation of the subject. That means that the machine will be spot on with its recreation of the bust in its sketch and not deviate as its program won’t allow it to do so. The human artist however will draw what they see and how their eye interprets it, meaning that there could be flaws here and there that wouldn’t be evident in the robot’s drawing.

There’s no doubt that as good as the artist is the machine would be far more precise and measured in its strokes and design so long as the program that is running it holds up. The accuracy of the machine will be much greater as it takes what is there, not what might be seen in the eye of a human that could be determined to be an abstract idea. AI might be far more intelligent than the average robot but they are still programmed to see the world in absolutes more often than not and thus do not perceive anything outside of what is seen and observed. As little as I know about AI the fact still remains that they’re bound by their programming even if it’s been allowed to evolve.

To date the evolution of robotics is becoming something that is happening at a steady and even rapid pace as the field continues to grow and expand in ways that many people might not fully understand. The point of whether engineers can create these things is becoming moot, and instead the idea of how far they should go is starting to raise mild concerns among those in the population that see machines as a useful tool to be employed when needed, but not a new life form to be given autonomy. That debate is a little too long to get into at this moment but it is one that has been on the discussion block a few times in the recent past. Machines are great for the work they’re meant to do, but pushing their boundaries and continuing to make them more capable of human action, though, and motive seems to be skirting a very unknown line that some people aren’t being careful enough to be leery of.

It might sound like paranoia, but what happens if someone creates a machine that realizes it doesn’t need humanity? You’re right, that’s the movies talking and the idea that any machine we create would be easy enough to shut down. But as we’ve seen in the movies, and are still seeing in real life, hubris is something you can’t program out of a human being that easily.

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