Video Helps You Understand How a TV Works at 380,000 Frames Per Second

This video really helps you understand just how a TV works at so many frames per second that when they slow it down you can see just how many frames are put into each image. The idea that the TV you watch is in fact so much more complicated than what it appears to be is amazing. From the frames all the way down to the pixels it’s kind of humbling to think that each time you turn on the TV it’s working harder than anything in your home. It’s not much of a wonder now why the old CRTV’s were kind considered to be hunks of junk after a while. And it’s easier to understand why TV’s on film have always looked so odd.

I know I can admit that I take my TV, PC, phone, and all other devices for granted when they get turned on and left on so often, but nothing is likely to change since the devices we use are so often needed or desired that turning them off at times becomes more of a hassle than it would if the constant work they did wore them out that much quicker. People are so addicted to their devices that they give little thought to what’s really going on and why they’re able to enjoy the pictures they see and the quality that they enjoy. Learning that the pixels are just red, blue, and green is not too much of a shock since the basic colors are found in everything we perceive. The fact that dimming them and backlighting them can cause different effects was pretty cool to learn.

It’s easy to admit that some of the more technical jargon went way over my head, but from the gist of it the frames per second in the old TV’s versus the newer LED models is simply amazing.The way in which technology has leaped ahead and continued to expand is something else, especially since a lot of people wouldn’t fully understand a good deal of this unless it was drawn out for them bit by bit and then laid out in a well-explained schematic using only layman’s terms. People aren’t stupid as a rule, but this kind of stuff is hard to fathom unless you’ve managed to become so interested and invested in it that you have discovered the link to how it works and can talk about it in the language of the experts. I won’t pretend that I’m able to understand everything that was said but getting down the to nitty gritty and stating that TV’s now are a great deal more complicated than they were back in the day is something that a lot of people can agree to. The pictures we used to enjoy back in the day on the CRTV’s were considered to be great up until the next TV was invented and people thought it was the greatest thing under the sun.

Eventually something will trump the LED as well, and the frames per second will be something completely unheard of.


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