Video Explores 10 Times Fans Saved Shows from Being Cancelled

Video Explores 10 Times Fans Saved Shows from Being Cancelled

Video Explores 10 Times Fans Saved Shows from Being Cancelled

On one hand, the fans are insanely important when it comes to pop culture and as a result, they’re the ones that should be able to save or cancel a show, but with that kind of power comes a lot of responsibility, and as it’s been seen more than once, some fans will fight for shows that really weren’t that great, while they’ll also fight for shows that might show a lot of promise. This list kind of proves that point since some of the shows in the clip were definitely worth the return that they were given and others were kind of a flop from the start that didn’t need to be continued any further. It’s all a matter of perspective and whether or not people were bound to agree that the shows are worth the effort, but as it’s been seen through the years there are many people that find their comfort zones and don’t want to be knocked out of them since it’s a minor inconvenience that a lot of folks just don’t care for. Oh, was that too cynical? It could be that some of us still recall what we did before technology boomed and there were literally hundreds of shows and thousands of movies to watch, all at our fingertips. There were such things as ‘other pursuits’ that could be enjoyed rather than bemoan the loss of a favored TV show.

While it’s easy to be empathetic to this cause, it’s also easy to look at the vast number of people that have a meltdown concerning their favorite shows and utter three very important words: get over it. That’s right, the old ‘suck it up and move on’ approach is usually the best when a network decides that they’re moving on from a particular show since usually it means that they don’t see the benefit in it due to ratings, cost, or something else that doesn’t make any sense to them. It’s true that sometimes they’re wrong and that the show might still have a lot of promise, and honestly, it is fortunate that fans do go off the chain at times when they want their favorite shows back. But there are other times when this is far too similar to giving a toddler a bottle when they’re not ready to start drinking from a cup, that change is necessary, but because the fans don’t want it the network tends to give in at times just to keep the fans from flooding their emails, social media, and for those that remember, their mailboxes back in the day. Yes, people did write letters at one point that were printed on paper, stuffed in envelopes, and sent through the actual mail service to be delivered to the networks.

Unfortunately, when a network decides to do this there is a chance that they’re simply pandering to the fans and not much else since they don’t want the bad press, they don’t want the headaches, and they’re eager to give the baby the bottle so to speak since they don’t want to risk losing viewers. The almighty dollar of course is a great motivator since people want it but are afraid of losing it. The downside of pandering, which should be obvious, is that the fans usually think that they have ALL the power when it comes to reviving TV shows and that their word is law when it comes to TV. That’s cute and all, but the fans tend to need a shot of reality now and again and they get it when their shows do eventually go off the air, either to be replaced by something similar or to vanish and never be heard from again. The sad part comes when shows that people started out loving but weren’t willing to fight for are canceled, and people simply forget about them. Yet people will fight for shows that don’t make a lot of sense to so many others and will do so in almost feral fashion. It’s a bit confusing but it’s how these things happen from time to time.

The idea of fans being able to get shows back on the air isn’t always a bad thing since it can reveal that they knew what they liked, which can happen, and it would also show that fans are far more important than some networks choose to believe since we’re the audience, and without us, the shows have no other point save to display what they can do with the resources they have. If not for the fans then the money needed to keep improving each show might not be possible, since fans are what help keep shows and movies relevant and in turn are those that desire to pay to see bigger and better effects and better acting. So yeah, the fans do have power, but often it’s hard to say that they know just what to do with it.

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