Five Mind Blowing Lines in TV

Five Mind Blowing Lines in TV

Five Mind Blowing Lines in TV

There are some moments in television that end up blowing your mind for years to come. Some can be summed up in a single line of dialogue that sticks with you long after you hear it. I’ve tried to find five of those moments below. Memorable moments in TV that were a turning point for the show in some way or another. Some are serious, others a bit more comedic. Check them out below.

“We have to go back!”

Five Mind Blowing Lines in TV

From Lost, after a season of mysterious flashbacks that appeared to show life before the Island, in the finale we were treated to a surprise reunion of Kate and Jack. He delivered the memorable line above that revealed the entire sequences of scenes had taken place after the castaways had left the island. Mind = blown.

“How does that chili taste Scott?”

Five Mind Blowing Lines in TV

For as many years as South Park has been on, one of the most memorable episodes had nothing to do with any sort of pop culture reference. After being tricked by Scott Tenorman over and over, Cartman had enough. He had Scott’s parents killed, ground up into chili meat, and severed to Scott. Shortly after this line was delivered, Cartman started licking his sweet salty tears. “Don’t ever f*** with Cartman,” Stan said shortly after.

“To my other favorite WW.”

Five Mind Blowing Lines in TV

This is a line that wasn’t actually spoken, but rather written in the closing moments of the last episode of Breaking Bad. While taking a crap in Walt’s house, Hank comes across a Walt Whitman book given to Walt by Gale. Hank thought the WW was strange before, but seeing this in Gale’s handwriting given to Walt suddenly made everything click.

“Are you the Bay Harbor Butcher?”

Five Mind Blowing Lines in TV

Another big reveal this year was Dexter finally sharing his secret with Deb, albeit unwillingly. She bought his excuse of a rage killing at first, but once she searched his apartment and found all his serial killing supplies, she confronted him with the above line. It was impossible for him to deny.

“There’s always money in the banana stand!”

Five Mind Blowing Lines in TV

This was the joke that made me realize there was a lot more to Arrested Development than any other comedy out there. Early in the show, when the Bluths were strapped for cash, it was constantly hinted that the banana stand was a profitable enterprise. What George Sr. really meant was that there were hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash lining the walls. Unfortunately by the time that was revealed, it was already on fire.


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