10 Things You Didn’t Know about Victoria Tonelli

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Victoria Tonelli

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Victoria Tonelli

Victoria Tonelli is no stranger to television. She works hard on shows like “Celebrity IOU,” and it is because the designer is good at what she does. Her entire life focuses on interior design projects, and her passion brings light and positive changes to the homes and businesses of those she works with. Her clients love working with her, her fans are always following along, and the rest of the world just wants to learn as much about her as they can. Here’s everything you need and want to know about Victoria Tonelli.

1. She Began as an Intern

When she began her career in interior design, it was an intern for a company called Kimberley Seldon Design Group. She was there for a while learning the ropes, refining her skills, and learning how to bring her visions to life. After that, her career exploded, and it’s probably safe to assume she learned enough there to make her dreams come true.

2. She Works Closely with Everyone’s Favorite Design Twins

She’s been working alongside the Property Brothers (Drew and Jonathan Scott) for many years now. She’s their go-to when they need something handled, and she’s been able to gain some serious insight, talent, and skill working alongside these two. They are very close, and she closely guards their friendship.

3. She Has an Interesting Theory

When she talks about designing on national television, she calls it something very interesting. She refers to it as Designer Boot Camp. She says that when she’s designing on television, she’s being asked to do things that are not always entirely possible – yet they make it happen. She doesn’t mean this just in her own life, but in the lives of all designers who work in television.

4. She Sweats the Small Stuff

When it comes to the old saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” she really tends to disagree. She feels that it is almost always the small stuff that should be focused on more than anything else. In fact, she’s not wrong. The small stuff really does add up to create the big stuff.

5. She’s a Reality Star

Some of us might not remember this, but this interior designer was part of a reality competition prior to hitting it big. She was a contestant on the show, “Canada’s Next Designer,” many years ago. She is no stranger to television, and she’s clearly no stranger to success and hard work, either. She knew what she wanted, she went for it, and she’s been able to make it happen in a way that exceeds even her own dreams.

6. She is Famous for Her Concepts

Every designer has their own style, even if you cannot see what that style is in one small package. She’s a woman who has an eye for things that work. Her style is a lovely marriage of luxury and classic styles that blend seamlessly to create a vision that only she can bring to life. She has an impeccable eye for design.

7. She Derives Inspiration from Everywhere

While some people talk about their inspiration and designs, they seem to mention specific places. They know what helps them, and they have favorite places to go from which they derive their inspiration. Victoria Tonelli is not like that. She finds that everything inspires her rather than just a few places. She can walk into a hotel and find a design idea for a home, or into a public bathroom and have an idea that inspires her based on a tile or a layout. Everything inspires her, and it shows.

8. She Has a Favorite Part of Her Job

As a designer, you might think that her favorite part of the job is seeing the ideas as they come to life, or putting pen to paper and coming up with a design she loves, or choosing finishes. However, it’s none of the above (not that she doesn’t enjoy those things). Her favorite thing is revealing the finished project to homeowners. She thrives on this.

9. She’s Not Trendy

Victoria Tonelli is not a trendy woman. She likes classic styles that never waver. She isn’t about trends and things that go out of style in a few months or a few years. She wants to create timeless designs homeowners will love as much the first day they see them as they do 10 years down the road.

10. She Works with Private Clients

While we get to see her on television working with reality shows, we also love to hear that she takes on private clients. She is not just working on television, so anyone has a chance to work with her to see their design ideas come to life.

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