Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt Is a Nice Battle Royale Surprise

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt Is a Nice Battle Royale Surprise

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt Is a Nice Battle Royale Surprise

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt revolves around an all-out war, vampire between vampire. This spin-off is a free-to-play battle royale IP that is loosely connected to the tabletop game. This installment is actually more related to the World of Darkness series, which is a much more epic tale. Bloodhunt takes place throughout the streets of Prague, during the story of when World of Darkness takes place. A social gathering has taken place and things turned sour in which the even Second Inquisition is jumping in to set things straight. Even though this is strictly a skirmish between vampire sects, there is another party in the mix that is there to terminate all vampires involved.

Vampire: The Masquerade series clearly is inspired by the works of Ann Rice, Bram Stoker, and even the Underworld series. There is a heavy political angle involved and this world is rich with lore and intrigue. This series has been around since 1991. Even though it started as a collectible card game, it reaching the heights of being within the gaming community is quite a feat. This series is centered on an intimate portrayal of being a child of the night, finding ways to survive and blend in a world that is predominately run by humans. Things like dealing with other “Kindred”, vampire hunters, and the basic tendencies of vampirism play a role in this series. Now, this series is taking a stab in the battle royale trend and there is a lot to digest by the trailer.


Blood Under The Moonlight

Publisher Sharkmob is run by some heavy talent. People who used to work for IO Interactive and Massive Entertainment are involved with Bloodhunt. The developers did some hefty research with the World of Darkness series. They wanted to be sure that everything made sense based on location and timeframe that wouldn’t contradict with anything. With 30 years of material to sift through, making sure that everything in Bloodhunt fitted within the World of Darkness lore was of utmost importance. This was no easy task and making sure that they not only made a game that respected the source material but ensure it’s also fun, as well. Even though this game is set mostly in Prague, there is no shortage of what kind of maps will be available. Prague is a very old city in its own right, teeming with alleyways, streets, ruins, and rooftops to traverse.

Matches can have servers that are packed with up to 45 players. Rounds can be played either by rolling solo or with a group of friends. Players will be able to explore any facet of Prague and use vertical combat to their advantage. Even though gunplay will be a major focus in battles, there will also be other methods of attack as well. Varying vampiric abilities will be used. Things like shape-shifting and seeing through walls is only a couple of examples. Thus, melee weapons like swords and clubs can be brandished to fit a particular playstyle. The combat seems to be fluid, smooth, and intense. Players can slide across the ground to dodge attacks, while duel-welding pistols if they like. Imagine playing the underappreciated Max Payne 3 multiplayer with supernatural powers. This is how Bloodhunt is shaping up to be.

Death Kiss of The Shadows

The type of vampire players want to be is strictly up to them. At launch, players will need to swear their allegiance to their clan and build their own vampire from the ground up. Customizations that come in the guise of skin tone, tattoos, hairstyles, clothes, and other attributes will be available. Players will be tasked with creating a unique character to call their own. In classic battle royale fashion, once a round starts, players must scramble around and find loot. With Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt, things are more realistic in this approach. Players much search through vehicles and chests to find equipment for battle. On top of that, the streets are littered with NPCs that the vampires can feed on for LP and other boosts. The thing is, that players must be stealthy in doing this. If they are seen, the masquerade will be broken and their position will be given away. Even though there are other players to deal with during a round, there will be A.I. to additionally fight. These are bruting vampire hunters that can reward epic loot if defeated.

Similar to Fornite, there will a story arc that will expand upon each season. Every free-to-play battle royale game always leaves a lot to be desired during its first season. This is the nature of the beast. From what is shown with gameplay footage, Bloodhunt seems to have firm footing with its first season. The developers went to great lengths to ensure that this IP will be gamer-friendly. There won’t be any “pay-to-win” features in this title whatsoever. Everything will be garnered through skills and old-fashioned grinding. There will also be multiple languages supported in this game, everything that ranges from French to even Polish. Bloodhunt is aiming to reach players of all types from all over the world. There was already a closed Alpha test this past July. Many players have already gotten a good taste of how this game will play. So far, it has left a pretty good impression and there are already players worldwide clamoring for more.

Nature of The Night

Luckily, PC gamers have already gotten their hands on an early-access release for Bloodhunt on September 7th. The console version, however, is a different matter. Currently, there isn’t a firm release date for the PlayStation 5. At least Sharkmob is aiming for a Q3 or Q4 2021 release date. We will have to wait and see when the actual date will be. Even though Bloodhunt came out of nowhere, it is already gaining some steam within the battle royale lineup. There are some veterans behind this project and it is clear that they know what they are doing. Let us see what other surprises will come out with this title in the upcoming seasons.

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