The Vampire Diaries 2.19 “Klaus” Review

The Vampire Diaries 2.19 “Klaus” Review

The Vampire Diaries 2.19 “Klaus” ReviewHoly exposition that was a lot of information in yet another superb episode as we head to the end of this season. Two very important things occurred that have been built up for some time; we got to meet the real Klaus in both flashback and present form and finally Jenna knows the truth! I’m not sure why but that second one makes me so happy.

After Elena decided to relieve Elijah of the dagger of death and got him in to a fresh new wardrobe (thanks Mayor Lockwood) Elijah was willing to reveal more in regards to Klaus and himself, their origins and what the curse really means. I’m always impressed with the detail that goes in to the genealogy of these characters and in a nice parallel to Stefan and Damon, Klaus is Elijah’s brother introducing an added complication to their relationship and explains so much of how the two have discussed each other. Last week Klaus described Elijah as being a buzzkill and you can draw further comparisons here between the Originals relationship and that of Stefan and Damon. Klaus is clearly the antagonist of the pair much like Damon is and Elijah appears to be the more compassionate one.

The Original family also had it’s share of scandal and an affair that resulted in Klaus’ birth; this affair was unfortunately with an original werewolf (what are the chances?), which has led to the big battle between vampires and werewolves after Klaus’ father went killing crazy on this family as revenge. The big humdinger of this whole thing being that the sun and the moon curse does not exist, it was all a hoax to get both sides to hunt for the things that Klaus needs to break his own curse and trigger his werewolf side. This would make him the most powerful being in nature (does he really need more power?) and allowing him to sire his own species, sounds a little egotistical right?

What was also revealed in the flashbacks alongside this mythological dump was that Klaus is the only one who seems impervious to Katerina’s charms as it was clear that Elijah had fallen for her. This led to him exploring other avenues of breaking the curse which provides some helpful information to team Elena as they have the all important witch that Klaus thinks has been killed. The code of honor that exists with Elijah is something that Elena knows that she can use to her advantage and Stefan too, despite his issues with trusting Elijah knows that this is the most sensible course of action. Damon on the other hand in his impulsiveness and need to be in control has a problem with this fact and for once I think that his going against this plan could end up with Elena in danger rather than protecting her, which he is usually so good at.

The manner in which Jenna found out the truth was suitably tense and was perhaps the worst meal that the show has had so far (and there have been a lot of tense ones in the past), the Gilbert kitchen definitely feels a bit cursed and as I’ve said before those knifes should be replaced by the plastic kind to avoid any further accidents. The way that Klaus was playing with her and attempting to provoke Stefan showed that he definitely has his devious side, but the moment that really stood out for me was Jenna having to see Stefan’s full on vamp rage face to get her to leave the house, forgot how scary that can look. Though it was heartbreaking to see Jenna realise that she has been in the dark for so long whilst everyone around her has been in on all of this, begging the question once again why they thought lying to her would protect her, weird TV logic.

Quick observations:

-The Stefan/Damon fight was a let down after the promos built it up (pesky promos), though it definitely feels unfinished and seems like it might boil over again.

-Damon is clearly having some control issues in regard to his anger but he is in control enough to make Andi leave before he kills her, something I’m sure he wouldn’t have cared about last year and would have more than happily snapped her neck, the boy has grown.

-We are introduced to the witch Greta Martin, who I’m sure won’t be too happy when she discovers that both her brother and father are dead.

-Witches are like natures referee and give mystical creatures their own Kryptonite to maintain balance, pretty neat huh?

-When Katherine is bored she likes to drink and dance, much in the same way that Damon did last year, I see some gifs in the making.

-Carol Lockwood is no longer on vervain after Elijah convinced her to stop drinking it, whilst Damon managed to slip some to Katherine.

-Alaric is back and was briefly concious before passing out, I’m sure having someone inhabit your body will do that.

-Joseph Morgan is a welcome addition to the TVD cast and played Klaus with the right air of arrogance and menace with some added charm thrown in for good measure.

With only three episodes left of the season they really aren’t slowing down and once again more intrigue and twists are thrown in to the mix making for an epic end to the year. A

What did you all think? Enjoy the flashbacks and twists they provided? Think that Damon is right not to trust Elijah? Glad that Jenna finally knows? Let us know in the comments below or join us in the forum.

Next week: a full moon, someone returns, major peril.

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