The Vampire Diaries 1.12 “The Descent” Recap

It’s been too long, people, but The Vampire Diaries FINALLY returned to our screens tonight and we can’t be more thrilled. The show picked right up where we left off in its midseason finale and didn’t slow down one bit.

As a courtesy to our TVD reviewer, Emma, I’ve decided to try to shorten this recap as much as possible, because she will have a lot to elaborate on after tonight’s offering. Key word here is “try” since a gazillion things happen and are revealed within ten minutes of the show. So enough “womp womp” from me, let’s get to it!

Death (or Humanity) and All It’s Friends

Rose is still suffering from her wolf bite and it’s getting worse. As this happens, Rose recounts how she was born in 1450 and is pretty much not ready to die from something so frivilous. Damon tries to act like he doesn’t care, but is failing miserably at it. Luckily, Elena stops by and Damon puts her on vamp-sitting duties while he goes to confront Jules, who during wolf state thenight before ate a group of campers and killed a cop who stumbled onto the scene. Talk about marking territory…

Damon find Jules at the Grill by a tip from Alaric and doesn’t waste throwing his weight around the newcomer, declaring she’s a fool for not being intimidated by him. Jules, who isn’t scared of Damon one bit, enlightens the resident bad boy vamp on the horrors that come to a vampire after being bit by a werewolf. 1) Hallucinations, 2) Dementia, 3) Chills, and 4) Extreme Rabid Behavior, not in that order per se. All of the things Rose is experiencing at the moment with a clueless Elena at her bedside. As for a cure? “Take a stake, and drive it through her heart,” Jules taunts to Damon. Uh oh…

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Elena takes Rose to Damon’s room, probably the one place of the Salvatore Mansion Elena has been in. She is a bit shocked to find that Damon has a bit of a soft side to him. The man has Gone With The Wind on his bedside table, people, and his room is pretty normal and clean compared to Stefan’s pigsty. While Rose talks the pros and cons of Elena’s deal with Elijah, she starts to get sick and begins to hallucinate that she’s back in the old days, calling out to long dead people. It’s not soon before Rose attacks Elena, thinking she’s Katherine, but Elena manages to calm the vampire down.

It’s here where Rose elaborates more on her upbringing and time as a human in south of London before she was turned, yearing to return there. Later, Elena returns to the bedroom to find Rose gone, but soon finds her in the basement devouring Damon’s personal blood bank. He’s going to be pissed when he finds out… Anyway, Rose attacks Elena again thinking she’s Katherine, but this time it doesn’t work and Rose chases Elena throughout the Salvatore mansion, making Elena barricade herself in Stefan’s room. After a minute and ignoring a plea from Rose, Elena finally leaves the room to find Damon, but Rose nowhere in sight.

Damon and Elena track Rose to the latest Mystic Falls High event where the diseased vamp has managed to kill three people before they find her. Damon calms Rose down after she realizes the carnage she’s caused, citing she never wanted to hurt anyone and wants the madness to be stopped. Later at the Salvatore mansion, a more subdued Rose apologizes for her actions and laments on the pain of being a vampire, remarking that her human past haunts her yet keeps her going. She comments that Damon feels the same way, but feels like he has to compensate for that. After telling Elena that she needs to prepare herself to fight instead of giving up, Rose starts convulsing. Elena leaves, while Damon tries to help the dying vampire in his arms.

After calming Rose down again, Damon compells her into a dream where she’s back on her old homestead on a sunny day, everything nearly down to the last detail, courtesy Elena’s description of Rose’s early rants. Rose basks in the dream and admits missing her human life, commenting on Damon’s ability to have such a family unit of sorts. After a minute, Rose is at peace, declaring she’s not afraid of dying any more and eager to see her loved ones again. She asks Damon if he wants to race and he prepares himself to do so, but in reality he stakes Rose out of mercy, dropping tears while doing so.

That was hands down one of the top three best scenes of the series so far and for Damon himself. Ian Somehalder rules in this scene and a whole new layer of Damon is revealed.

Anyway, Damon later meets Sheriff Forbes to show that he ‘caught’ the vamp responsible for the murders at the high school. He returns home to find Elena, who tries to be the ‘friend indeed’ to a distraught Damon. He keeps his sheild up, but lets some truth seep through about feeling guilty about Rose’s death. After berating Elena for being a supporter to fight all of a sudden, Damon demands for her to go home, but doesn’t expect the tender hug from her in return.

Some hours later, a girl drives on a dark rode and comes across a body in the middle of it. The “body” turns out to be Damon, who is drunk and not in his right mind. Kind of like he was before he snapped Jeremy’s neck earlier this season. Before the girl gains any common sense to run, Damon compells her and spills his guts.

Basically, Damon tells the girl, whose name is Jessica, that he has a big secret. That secret? He misses being human like crazy and it’s killing him inside. His choices are now down to if he should kill or not kill, because it’s his nature now, despite what Elena wants him to be. I’m not doing his monologue any just justice so let me transcribe it for you:

Damon: I have a secret. It’s a big one! And I’ve never said it out loud. I mean what’s the point? It’s not going to change anything. It’s not going to make me ‘good,’ make me adopt a puppy! I can’t be what other people want me to be, what she wants me to be. This is who I am Jessica…

Jessica: Are you going to hurt me?

Damon: I’m not sure. Because you’re my existential crisis. Do I kill you? Or do I not kill you?

Jessica: Please don’t…

Damon: But I have to, Jessica. Because I’m not human. And I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world!!! That is my secret, but there is so much hurt a man can take…

After Damon delivers this fantastic monologue, he let’s Jessica go… only to kill her as soon as she makes it to her car.

Well, I’ll be damned.

Meanwhile, Stefan takes Katherine word about finding Klaus through Isobel to heart and decides to find her. After getting a number from Alaric, he contacts someone, but it’s not who he or Elena (or we) expect.

It’s Uncle John.

Double me damned.

New Moon – TVD Style!

Caroline congratulates Tyler on making it through his first transformation, but thinks he might wants to tighten security the next time it goes down. She then explains how a bite from a werewolf would be the end of her. When Tyler asks how she knows this, Caroline lies about her knowledge to protect the others. Before Tyler can get anything else out of her, Matt shows up and tries to pick up things with Caroline, who freaks when Matt lays a kiss on her. Later, Matt catches up to see what the deal is and poor Caroline is left to explain herself to him and fails miserably. She tells him that she “loves him” in the most stoic way possible, but Matt sees Caroline is hiding something and wants an answer. She doesn’t give it.

Later that night, Tyler asks Caroline why would she risk being there for him when he could’ve killed her. She says he needed his help, but he claims he doesn’t understand her. While Caroline goes on a tirade over Tyler’s stubborn nature, he lays a kiss on her, which prompts the line everyone was waiting to hear: “Everyone just needs to stop kissing me!” Caroline, how we have missed you.

The night isn’t over as Tyler meets with Jules, who asks the newbie wolf questions about how many times has he transformed and if he can sniff out the vampires around him. Seeing that Tyler is pretty much clueless on Werewolf Culture 101, Jules lays three bombshells on him: 1) Mason’s dead; 2) Caroline either did it or knows who did it, meaning Caroline has lied to him; and 3) the town is crawling with vampires. Tyler’s world is rocked, but it’s about to get even rockier since Jules has announced that more of their kind are on the way to Mystic Falls.

Holy Vampire-Werewolf Bloodbath, Batman!!!

Are you guys ready to pick sides in this impending war? What about your thoughts on “The Descent?” Let us know!

Oh, and see? I tried. ;)

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