Valentine’s Day Goals: Top 10 TV Couples Currently Winning 2018

Valentine’s Day Goals: Top 10 TV Couples Currently Winning 2018

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got the top 10 couples who have come into 2018 strong. On this day, hearts, flowers, and chocolates are in abundance everywhere. But the true sentiment of this day is for couples to celebrate the power of love. (That may be why more break-ups happen on February 13 than any other day of the year.) We wanted to take a look at the couples who not only got through the end of 2017 relatively unscathed, but who have the most stable relationships of 2018 so far. Whether married, engaged, or still figuring it out, these are (in no particular order) the top 10 couples of Valentine’s Day 2018.

-Oliver and Felicity (Arrow)


They had chemistry from the very first time he brought her a bullet-riddled laptop. He was the vigilante with trust issues, she was the IT girl who made him smile for the first time in years. But it took them six years to get to the “I Do’s”. It’s tough to compress all that this couple has been through, what with their respective gunshot wounds, periods of unemployment, and the appearance of Oliver’s long-lost son in their lives. But through it all, they’ve remained partners. No amount of drama, even the unnecessary amount they put themselves through, could taint the core of their relationship. Whether you’ve been an Olicity shipper from Day 1, or you service the other team, when Oliver and Felicity finally tied the knot, everyone’s sentiment was the same: It’s about time! And given that Oliver is currently under indictment, their team is fractured, and William has just learned his father went back to vigilante duty, this couple’s battles are far from over. But so far, they’re handling everything the way a married couple should–together.

-Barry and Iris (The Flash)

The Flash

Normal people don’t find their soulmate when they’re 10-years old. Barry and Iris aren’t normal people. They are soul mates. Being the fastest man alive could have been the loneliest job in the world, but Iris has always been along for the ride. Actually, she’s always been on the ride with him, it just took Barry a minute for him to physically bring her without making her dizzy. After their wedding was crashed by Nazis, Barry and Iris tied the knot in a quick double ceremony with Oliver and Felicity. The same sentiment from their Arrow counterparts applied: it was about time. After all, “they” are the Flash.

-Jack and Rebecca (This Is Us)

This Is Us

This couple wins this year, and every year, from 1980 onward. You could scour the list of top television couples for decades, and Jack and Rebecca would come out on top every time. Jack was “not perfect, but as close as they come.” Rebecca was “Jack’s big break”. Together, they created the most beautiful family, rich in love. That love has carried Rebecca through decades without Jack’s physical presence. If we were blubbering babies watching Jack’s death, we don’t even want to imagine Rebecca’s pain losing her other half. They are as close to a perfect couple as you can get, not because they don’t have faults, but because they try their best. And when their individual best isn’t enough, their strength as a couple blows everyone else out of the water.

-Richard Webber and Catherine Avery (Grey’s Anatomy)

Grey's Anatomy

It is so nice to have an example of love over the age of 50. It’s actually better that Catherine and Richard met later in life, because otherwise they wouldn’t have the children or the careers that they’ve had. Now they have the best of everything. They have successful careers, incredible children, and a healthy sex life. They are truly the funnest couple on this list! While we feel Jackson’s pain of never wanting to know about your parent’s intimate life, Catherine Avery and Richard Webber have got it going on, and we’re celebrating it.

-Katie and Greg (American Housewife)

American Housewife

This couple came as a little bit of a surprise. It’s not as if there isn’t a plethora of great couples to choose from in comedy, especially ones we’ve known and loved longer. But looking specifically at the tail end of 2017 into 2018, Greg and Katie gave a little extra something. They have this symbiotic sarcasm that will develop into an argument over the silliest of things, but then congratulate each other on the the most random spousal/parental accomplishment. Here’s a clip to show just how in love they are this Valentine’s Day.

-Walter and Paige (Scorpion)


It takes a couple like Walter and Paige not just time to get together, but real, genuine growth. Instead of the usual push-pull, these two had to say out loud that they weren’t ready to be together. They both figured they’d get there eventually, but it is really mature to know yourself well enough to want to be the best you can be for the other person. That’s when IQ meets EQ in the best possible way. What’s been particularly great about this first year of Walter and Paige’s relationship is that they both have moments of happy awkwardness. They’ve been settling into what their relationship is, and slowly letting go of the preconceived ideas of what their relationship should look like.

-Elizabeth and Henry (Madam Secretary)

Madam Secretary

When a couple reaches past the 20-year mark and still laughs over the little things, you know they’re solid. Elizabeth and Henry McCord have a remarkably genuine love, fueled over the winning line by their deep respect for each other. You can’t be the Secretary of State or secretly work in Intelligence without an enormous amount of understanding and respect for what the other goes through on a daily basis. They’ve done all this, and raised three children. What’s more, I don’t think these two have ever raised their voices to each other. They’ve had fights, to be sure. But big, scary, ‘I can’t be in a room with you’ fights are few and far between, if ever.

-Amy and Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory)

Valentine’s Day Goals: Top 10 TV Couples Currently Winning 2018

Once the first kiss was out of the way, the rest of Sheldon’s defenses slowly (oh, so slowly) broke down. There is literally no one else in the world who is as good for Sheldon as Amy is, and vice versa. Amy’s patience was definitely tested, but Sheldon took the great leap in proposing marriage. Since then, these two have really blossomed more than we thought they would. The wedding planning may be funner than the actual ceremony, because seeing these two kooks navigate the day-to-day is already a treat.

-Jesus and Emma (The Fosters):

The Fosters

Yes, this is a teen couple, and teen couples usually have the lifespan of a knat, but hear me out. This is the couple that slowly crept up as the stable one among a sea of awkward, on-and-off teen relationships. This does not mean that they do not have their problems, and aren’t prone to childish insecurities. For as much as these two have been through, it’s actually only been about a year in real time that they’ve been together. All of this would seem to break Jesus and Emma, or indicate that they probably won’t last past graduation. However, as different as these two are, they have managed to stay together through a traumatic brain injury and an abortion. And that was just this past season. In this day and age, you’re not really meant to find your perfect match in high school. But even if Jesus and Emma don’t last, they already know what it means to fight for a relationship. That already puts them ahead of a lot of adults.

-Claire and Jamie (Outlander)

Valentine’s Day Goals: Top 10 TV Couples Currently Winning 2018

I try to be kind, but there really isn’t a more destined couple than these two. Claire has literally crossed centuries and continents to be with her true love. Electric, passionate, intuitive, meant to be…I could run the gamut of adjectives and expressions, and it still wouldn’t be enough. Though we won’t see them again until the very end of 2018, we don’t mind that much. Okay, maybe a little. But if Claire and Jamie could survive 20 years apart, we can wait one.

Agree or Disagree with our choices for Top Television Couples of 2018? Hit the comments and let us know.

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