10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Uno: The Movie”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Uno: The Movie”

There have been a lot of games that have been turned into movies, and UNO is just another one. You know about UNO right? It’s a fun card game that deals with numbers, colors, and a whole lot of trickery that can be delivered with just one turn of the card if you happen to have something that really messes up the other players. You can switch colors by putting down numbers of a different color or cards that will make another person draw four more cards and then have to adjust to the color you want, and it becomes a game of skill as well as chance that tests the patience of even the calmest individual. But to make a movie out of it sounds like something that would be, well, kind of boring, not to mention kind of silly. But to make a movie out of the online version being played is even more so. How anyone could watch this and not wonder why they were doing so is kind of hard to fathom, but we do live in a different generation at this moment, and if something can be done online then chances are it’s going to be.

Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about the movie.

10. One of the actors had to leave in the middle of the production.

He basically had other priorities he had to go and tend to and you can imagine that he was getting heckled by the other guys since they wanted to keep playing the game. He was replaced by another player and the game continued.

9. The movie is a direct sequel to an independent film.

To think that there was another film that preceded this one is kind of hard to swallow. It’s an effort to not be mean about it, but some movies seem to be getting made out of morbid curiosity as to whether they can actually be pulled off or not. In this case it almost feels like this would have been a better podcast than a movie.

8. This film was done in one long take.

So essentially you’re stuck watching this movie and listening to these guys talk back and forth without much else to go on. This is almost like a running commentary on a game that is meant to be played in the privacy of one’s home and possibly left out of the spotlight when it comes to movies. It’s not a sport and it’s not much of anything that you could really get behind unless you happen to be addicted to online games.

7. The run time is almost three hours in length.

Two hours. Forty-four minutes. All of UNO. That’s more than pushing the envelope when it comes to making this type of movie, that’s shredding the dang thing and saying that you’re just going to wing it and see what happens. And what tends to happen is a rambling movie that barely qualifies for the title.

6. Geoff Ramsey went from playing once a week to never again.

Not everyone’s a good sport when it comes to UNO and it’s easy to believe since games can get intense and quite frustrating to be honest. It’s all a matter of whether you play just for fun or if you’re so competitive that losing at anything just isn’t an option for you. If that’s the case then there are a lot of games that should be avoided.

5. It was supposed to be a short game.

There’s rarely such a thing as a short game of UNO. Only if someone gets the perfect hand will they be done in less than an hour, as the idea of chance being the deciding factor is a big part of this game.

4. The group was going to play Trivial Pursuit at first.

That might have been a better idea simply because it wouldn’t have lasted so long and it could have been a short film if they’d still decided to run with it.

3. The cast suffered an array of psychological issues after this film.

It’s easier to believe that they developed psychological issues after their brains short-circuited from trying to figure out why they would bother making this production rather than anything else. The game of UNO is competitive but it’s still a game.

2. There was so much ad-libbing that the director just left it in.

What’s more amazing is the idea that there was a script for this in the first place. It almost seems like all of it would be better off being ad-libbed and forget the idea of a script at all.

1. The filming of this movie was done on the same night as the 2016 presidential election.

Perhaps they were just trying to take their minds off of the election, or were trying to find something else to do while the country decided who would be taking the election.

An UNO movie. Yes, it’s true.

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