The Five Best Bruce Willis Movies of His Career

The Five Best Bruce Willis Movies of His Career

If you want to talk about someone that’s just tough and still able to take on roles that are complicated and dramatic then you should be thinking of Bruce Willis at some point. He’s not exactly what you would think of in terms of being the strict archetype of a hero but he is the everyman type that can do a little bit of everything in a kind of haphazard, slapdash sort of way. But that’s why so many people love the guy, he can take a role that might not be entirely geared for him and make it into something you’re going to remember for better or worse. In a lot of his roles it almost seems like he forces the character into submission and then takes over completely as he plows the rest of the way through the movie. There’s not a lot of finesse but there is a very confident and forceful personality there that is attractive to a lot of viewers.

Here are some of the best movies from his career.

5. The Fifth Element

Some people might have looked at this as a bit of a joke since it was a brightly-colored and wonderfully warped sense of the future that treated the shadows and darkness as though they were things best left ignored and not thought about too much. In fact the emphasis placed on brightness and noise was so poignant that it was difficult to get away from at times. Corbin was kind of a grounding point of the story that reminded people that no matter how far into the future the movie had gone there was still a very human and very neutral aspect that kind of allowed things to grind to a halt or a slow walk now and again so people could catch up.

4. Unbreakable

The idea of finding out you’re not only extremely durable but also insanely strong is the kind of revelation that you might find a bit disturbing or even a little interesting to be honest. But finding out that the man that you’ve been talking to for a while and have even seen as an interesting character is responsible for the accident that revealed your abilities would be absolutely terrifying. Glass is the kind of man that seems the means being justified by the ends without question, as he was looking for someone like this throughout more than one planned ‘accident’ that occurred over the years.

3. The Sixth Sense

It’s hard to part the liars from the truth-tellers when it comes to just who knew that Willis’ character was a ghost from the end of the introduction onward. There are certainly many signs that you could have picked up on but the interactions between Willis and Osment were such that a lot of people just thought it was a rather tense case that was being dealt with and that his wife was upset that he’d thrown himself back into the psychological fray so to speak. But once you get to the end and figure out just why certain things were happening you start to really understand all the little quirks that were presented in the movie.

2. Pulp Fiction

Butch wasn’t a big part of the movie at first but when they finally got to him the focus shifted and he became one of the more important characters since he was on the run and for some reason or another just couldn’t let go of his father’s watch. Going back however meant he had to confront Vincent, which wasn’t too hard since he took him out with one burst. But then he had to encounter Marcellus, and then was tied up and gagged as he and Marcellus had to wait on Zed to arrive. Long story short, Butch and Marcellus got the better of the rapists and decided to call it a draw, each man walking their own way.

1. Die Hard

You might not think a NYC cop would be able to take on a team of terrorists but then you would be severely limiting John McClane’s imaginative and improvisational abilities. After all it’s not just anyone that can run barefoot through a building and start gunning down guys that would probably shoot him rather than look at him. Plus, who in the world shoots at a cop to get their attention? Oh yeah, the guy that called the cops and was blatantly ignored when he declared a state of emergency. This would be one heck of a way to spend the Christmas season wouldn’t it? Of course by the end of the film the bad guys were all dead and John was still standing, so there was something to be happy about.

Bruce Willis is that guy, no other explanation needed for this one, he’s just THAT GUY.

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