The Russo Brothers Aren’t Coming Back To Marvel Anytime Soon

The Russo Brothers Aren’t Coming Back To Marvel Anytime Soon
The Russo Brothers Aren’t Coming Back To Marvel Anytime Soon

Credit: Disney/Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe changed when the Russo Brothers came in with Captain America: Winter Solider. Funny thing is, this came as a total shock as the only known credits on The Russo Brothers’ resume were You, Me, and Dupree and Welcome to Collinwood, two comedies that weren’t received all too well. Anthony and Joe worked well under the Marvel umbrella, writing and directing not one but four excellent features in the MCU: Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity Wars, and Avengers: Endgame.

Since the end of Phase three of the MCU, Anthony and Joe have moved away from directing any more superhero films, and it appears that the brothers will continue to venture out to their own path. Speaking to Variety, the filmmaking duo briefly discussed working with Marvel again and made it clear that they have no immediate plans to rejoin the MCU, “We’re always talking; we’d need to see what would work,” Joe said in the interview. “We won’t be ready to do anything with Marvel until the end of the decade.” The news doesn’t come as a complete shock as the brothers have previously stated that they were focusing on their own projects first. Their time in the MCU helped catapult their careers to the next level, and given the level of dedication necessary to be a part of the MCU,  it’s understandable why the duo wants to venture away from the superhero films, despite previously declaring how much of a joy it was to work with Marvel:

The Russo Brothers Aren’t Coming Back To Marvel Anytime Soon

Credit: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

“We adore Marvel. Our time making those films is among the highlights of our career, for sure, and we loved collaborating with all of them there. We don’t currently have any plans to do anything more with Marvel, but that doesn’t mean at some point in the future – it could come up,” Anthony Russo told Insider at their AGBO production studio. Given the Russo Brothers’ track record within the MCU, it would be surprising if Marvel didn’t welcome them back with open arms. The filmmaking duo certainly has a strong talent when it comes to constructing a Marvel film, but their latest features haven’t exactly been home runs. Cherry, starring fellow MCU alumni (at least for now) Tom Holland, seemed that it was filled with promise but was ultimately trashed by critics. Netflix’s The Gray Man got a better reception, but not by much.

There’s no denying that Joe and Anthony are a talented duo, as filmmaking is not an easy feat, but it does seem that the Russo brothers would work best under the Marvel scope. Nevertheless, it should be very interesting to see what projects they jump on board when they do decide to return to the MCU. It genuinely sounds like the guys enjoyed working on their MCU films, and the working relationship between the two remains solid, so they’re going back and directing another MCU feature seems like a surefire bet.

The Russo Brothers Aren’t Coming Back To Marvel Anytime Soon

Credit: Disney/Marvel

In the meantime, the duo remains active as if Anthony and Joe aren’t writing or directing, then they’re also producing, with one of the projects being an upcoming live-action adaptation of Disney’s Hercules. Other films are Extraction 2, Citadel, and Thomas Crown Affair Project. In the meantime, Marvel just released Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which was finally released this past weekend on November 11. It should be exciting to see what projects The Russo brothers decide to tackle in their return to the MCU. Their style and storytelling are sorely missed as they were an important part of building the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s strong brand. Let’s hope they come back firing on all cylinders when they return.Winter Solider

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