Check Out Thor and Hulk Duke it Out with Lightsabers in Ragnarok Edit

Thor and Hulk Lightsabers

As if this fight couldn’t get any better, someone decided to see what it would look like if Thor and Hulk were duking it out with lightsabers in this insanely awesome Ragnarok edit. Just think, if Marvel and Star Wars were to somehow ever cross over, it would weigh heavily on a lot of fans as to who would be more powerful, Luke Skywalker or, well, anyone. Who would be a deadlier shot, Han or half the sharpshooters in the Marvel universe? Some answers seem pretty obvious since Marvel heros and villains are so insanely overpowered, but you can’t help but think that the inclusion of a lightsaber would even the odds quite a bit.

You can bet that the comments on a subject like this would be plentiful since the idea of Thor mopping up on Hulk is still highly debated, especially since the MCU has really depleted the power levels of its heroes and villains. But in the comics Thor and the Hulk have tangled before and as Octavio Karbank of CBR reminds us, Hulk ended up forcing Thor to beat himself senseless with his own hammer. In this movie however Thor does manage to get the upper hand when his power limits begin to expand and the energies he wields begin to focus through him instead of his customary weapon. But with lightsabers this battle gets so much better and, in some cases, a bit more on the corny side since anyone that’s watched Star Wars knows how a lightsaber operates and knows that anything it touches, apart from materials such as cortosis, will simply cease to exist in their current state. But hey, it’s a movie, and it’s fun, so let’s roll with it.

The editing isn’t 100% perfect but it’s definitely good enough that you focus more on the sabers than on the metal weapons they’re being used to replace. Plus, how cool is it to see the god of thunder and the Hulk using lightsabers that match their colors? Of course the Hulk’s lightsabers would have to be huge, the size of staves almost since a regular lightsaber in his massive hands would be like a pen knife it might seem. But then factor in how massive those blades would have to be, that’s a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of someone like the Hulk, especially if he ever learned how to use one. Oh wow, can you imagine the Hulk or even Thor as a Force-user? Thanos wouldn’t have stood a chance in Infinity War if these two were Jedi. Yeah, kind of irrelevant because it will never happen, but thought is still enough to make a lot of fans go doe-eyed with wonder.

It just gets better as the fight rages on, but one has to wonder about the scene in which, in the original clip, the Hulk bends Thor’s swords to the point of being useless. How would that translate to a lightsaber since they can’t really bend like that? It’d be easier to argue that the Hulk’s strike managed to disable both sabers and render them useless, which would then make it necessary for Thor to take up one of the Hulk’s massive weapons. But then comes yet another great moment when Hulk channels Satele Shan from Star Wars and stops the incoming strike. This is why Hulk would be such a great Jedi, being able to stop a lightsaber strike is one of THE most awesome combat abilities of anyone in the Star Wars universe since quite honestly there aren’t a lot of things that a lightsaber can’t cut through given time and opportunity. The fact that the clip shows Hulk doing this is nothing short of great since it makes the fight take on a new meaning and in a big way.

And if that wasn’t enough, Thor suddenly channels his dark side once Hulk has him down and is beating the living hell out of him. It kind of makes you wonder who would win when it came to a lightning battle, Thor or Palpatine, since one figure wields the lightning so easily, and the other is the god of thunder. It’d be a battle that might seem kind of one-sided if that was all Palpatine could do, but it’s still a great moment in this video since it makes a lot of sense when the clips of Return of the Jedi are used to replace Odin in Ragnarok. Given what we’ve seen of Thor some might argue that Palpatine could dominate the thunder god since using the Force would be a huge advantage. But comic book figure vs. comic book figure it would still be kind of hard to call. In this fight however even having a lightsaber isn’t bound to help the Hulk that much since Thor still has the biggest advantage of being a seasoned and expert fighter whereas Hulk has always been more of a brawler.

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