TV Moments You Wish You Could Forget From This Season

TV Moments You Wish You Could Forget From This Season

Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 6 Review: "Blood Drive"

The 2016-2017 year was very busy for television! At times it was tough to keep up with, but we at TVOvermind were able to manage. What’s more, we’ve come together to discuss the best, the worst, and the wacky that happened this year. Speaking of wacky, while there was an unbelievable amount of good story content, there were also moments we wish we could forget. Some moments were completely unnecessary, some were too ridiculous for words, and some made us cringe because they hit the nail on the head too strongly. We wish we could forget them, but we can’t, so we find ourselves here. See if you agree with our picks for the television moments we wish we could forget.

Jasef Wisener – Season 2 of Scream Queens

The less said about Scream Queens, the better. I enjoyed the first season of the show, but it went off-the-rails in a much bigger way than it should have toward the end. While more or less “better” than the first season, largely due to completely buying into its camp, the second season of Scream Queens was, honestly, garbage. This is a series that could have been something special and unique for television, but it completely wasted any potential that it had.

Araceli Aviles – Hannah’s Suicide (13 Reasons Why)

No child or teenager who commits suicide should ever be forgotten, nor should the circumstances which led them to that point. However, the final episode of 13 Reasons Why REALLY needed a stronger warning label for what was coming. It was downright horrific to watch the moment that Hannah used razor blades to end her life, as it was intended to be. The writers had their reasons for wanting us to see that, because the audience needed to understand just how real this is to so many people. That being said, especially if you have personally been affected by suicide, you didn’t need to see the act.

Nick Hogan – Negan’s Double Beat-Down (The Walking Dead)

Fans everywhere had mixed reactions to losing not one, but two fan favorite characters at the beginning of The Walking Dead‘s 7th season. While I applaud their commitment to the brutality of a post-apocalyptic life, the brutal deaths have stuck in my mind for some time. Not only would I prefer to have Glenn and Abraham among the living, but I wish I could forget the crass and brutal way in which they left us.

Blaise Hopkins – Jimmy Driving Off (You’re The Worst)

You’re The Worst is a fantastic show because it presents realistic situations and a bunch of the bad things that can come within any relationship. He and Gretchen are so amazing together but the two have so many problems it’s tough to say whether or not they should be together. While it felt like the couple had made tons of progress, Jimmy had to drive off almost immediately after proposing. While this moment worked incredibly well for the show itself, I want to forget it because of how sad it was.

Tiffany Chang – Ichabod Crane’s deep bow (Sleepy Hollow)

I’m not entirely certain if this was the norm back in 1876, but Ichabod’s deep bow is something that I wish I could forget. I understand that it’s his way of expressing deep gratitude towards others, but he could do it another way rather than do that type of bow. Every time I see him do the bow I cringe inwardly and think “why, Ichabod, why?”

Chris King – Anything and Everything Involving Jasper (The 100)

To be honest, I was never a fan of Jasper on The 100, but I’ve always liked Devon Bostick as a performer. Plus, the character did show some signs of promise during the series’ first two seasons. But any potential Jasper had as a character was squandered with his moronic behavior during Season 3, and his scenes became an absolute chore to sit through during Season 4 of The 100. I never root for characters to die, but when Jasper did eventually meet his maker, I didn’t feel sadness or pity for him or any of his friends–all I felt was relief.

Hit the comments if you remember any other cringe-worthy TV moments.


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