Five Superheroes That Would Kick Butt in The Walking Dead Universe

Five Superheroes That Would Kick Butt in The Walking Dead Universe

Five Superheroes That Would Kick Butt in The Walking Dead Universe

Superheroes are always fun to watch, but they usually stay in their own realm. Batman stays in the world of DC and Iron Man stays in the world of Marvel, it’s only logical. However, why don’t we take a minute and imagine if they did a little crossover to another world. Crossovers have happened in comic book history, but they honestly don’t happen enough. One comic universe that is completely void of superheroes is The Walking Dead Universe. It makes sense, considering that a character like Superman would destroy hordes of walkers, but there are characters far less powerful than him. Some heroes have no powers and some have more grounded powers, making them more vulnerable if a zombie apocalypse took place in their world. Would those heroes be fun to see kick butt in The Walking Dead Universe? It’s time to break down the five superheroes that can.

5. Spawn

Kicking off the list is a dark antihero that’s practically a zombie himself. This undead antihero separates himself from other heroes mostly due to his demonic powers. He was once a government assassin named Al Simmons, who was killed and sent to hell. The devil himself turned him into an immensely powerful Hellspawn, and thus, Spawn was born. Take one look at Spawn and it’s clear that he comes from a comic with a horror element to it. This would make him very suitable for The Walking Dead Universe, since he’d probably blend in with the walkers. He can hide in the shadows and use them to his advantage, making him a ghost among zombies. Although taking out walkers would be cake to him, the hostile humans roaming around would have something far greater to fear than walkers.

4. Green Arrow

And now we come to a superhero that is actually a hero. Oliver Queen or The Green Arrow, has become quite the big man, mostly due to the success of the CW television series. Green Arrow has his name because he dresses in green and fights with a bow and arrow. Sounds pretty straightforward, but does that remind us of another character from The Walking Dead? Green Arrow in The Walking Dead Universe would be like Daryl on steroids, along with a few trick arrows up his quiver. Before he became a superhero, Oliver Queen was marooned on an isolated island for several years, learning how to survive and adapt to harsh conditions. His chances for surviving in a zombie apocalypse would be pretty high, and he’d probably be a better archer than Daryl as well. Sorry, Daryl lovers.

3. Iron Fist

Remember how much walker butt Jesus literally kicked in The Walking Dead? It’s a crying shame he was killed off so soon, especially since he was basically a tiger among cats. Watching him answered the question, “What if Bruce Lee were in a zombie apocalypse?” Okay, maybe no one has ever asked that, but that’s what crossed our minds when we saw Jesus head kick walkers. His comic counterpart survived much longer and fought a lot more, making us long for more martial artist to join in on the zombie apocalypse.

Hence, we have the immortal Iron Fist. The Iron Fist is a man named Danny Rand, who has the power to focus his chi and channel it into his fist. If you get hit by his glowing, chi-powered fist, it’d be like getting hit by a freight train. Imagine if Jesus had this power? Well, Iron Fist does have it and he can probably kung-fu five times the amount walkers Jesus ever could. Iron Fist doesn’t need a gun or a knife or any other kind of weapon. All he really needs is his chi and fighting skills.

2. The Punisher

Frank Castle is anything but super and his approach to heroism is debatable, but he is one tough cookie. He is a violent vigilante that shows no mercy to any of the criminals he faces, making him a very feared “hero.” He’s not exactly the sanest guy around either, making him a bit of a loner compared to other heroes. Despite that, he operates in secret and under the radar, making him hard to find and easy to disappear. This would make him a highly skilled survivor in The Walking Dead Universe. He would be able to strategically pick out his targets, walkers or humans, and get out of the hot zone without a trace. Keep in mind, he always has a large arsenal of weapons somewhere in his hideout, so he’ll never run low on weapons.

The most important thing about The Punisher is that he is very much human. Like the characters in The Walking dead comic and show, he is always vulnerable. Sure, he’s tough like Rick and Daryl, but he is not invincible. The Punisher has no powers to speak of, but if there is one thing he has going for him, it’s his unflinching ability to take a severe beating. To put it short, he is very hard to kill. If hardened criminals and super villains have a hard time doing it, then walkers and regular humans probably won’t have any better luck.

1. Wolverine

Our final superhero is here and he’s not one to take prisoners. The Wolverine has been through almost every major American war, fought against much more powerful super villains, and survived the atomic bomb. Yikes, and you thought The Punisher was hard to kill. In all seriousness though, who wouldn’t want to see The Wolverine slice and dice his way through hordes of walkers? His adamantium skeleton would make it very hard for walkers to bite him, making him safe from infection. Then again, he’s immune to all kinds of diseases, so he would probably be totally safe anyways. The Wolverine survived genocides from the mutant-hunting sentinels, Apocalypse, and much worse than walkers. If you come across him in the The Walking Dead Universe, stick with him.

If you’re a comic fan, there are probably more heroes you’d like to see kick walker butt. The list is endless, but these five would surely make Rick and Daryl look like amateurs at their own game. What other heroes do you think would kick butt in The Walking Dead Universe?

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