Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 8 Review: “Mommie Dearest”

Scream Queens

The nicest thing I can say about this week’s episode of Scream Queens is that it had a focus…sort of. Chanel spends the entirety of the episode determined to find evidence that Zayday is the killer (but of course, she pays someone to do it). Grace continues to search for the real story of her mother, and she actually gets what she wants (finally). Denise does something nice and positive for the Kappas, and we find out where Boone has been all of this time.

Early in the episode, three masked murderers fight Dean Munch, and she wins. Of course, this proves that Feather was not the killer at all, and so Munch tells Grace the only thing she knows about the bathtub baby: the mother’s name was Sophia Doyle. Grace is upset the name isn’t her mothers, and she and Pete go back to the hospital to ask the painting lady about a young woman who had been there twenty years ago. Sure enough she has two paintings of Gigi and Grace decides this is enough to confront Gigi herself.

What makes any character think confronting a suspected killer alone is a good idea? Terrible writing! Is that the gimmick of Scream Queens? It’s so stale.

I did enjoy the several moments where everyone couldn’t find any evidence to place Zayday as the killer. They attempts only reinforced how nice and delightful she is to the Kappas. Jennifer, the candle girl, died in this episode, too. The Kappas discover her body displayed with candle wax dripping down her head, and they hold quite a memorial for her just after Munch suspends operations on campus.

Chanel’s Scotland Yard detectives dig up information on Grace’s mother, and Chanel uses it to accuse Grace of being the Red Devil. Grace learns that her mother, Bethany Stephens, was elected Kappa president in the 90’s and had Grace nine months after the girl died in the bathtub. Her mother died later after several convictions and forays into drug related crimes. Grace angrily confronts her father about all of the lies he was telling, and it’s all very creepy, but not in a fun “I-wonder-what-happens-next” way.

Gigi tells Wes that the only way to be a good father to Grace is to commit her to a psych ward because she’s ‘losing it’ and failing all of her classes. A+ parenting from your manipulative fiancé, Gigi!

Denise uses blackmail to make Chanel apologize to Grace for bombarding her information about her mother. The apology feels genuine in the end, and I was glad  that it happened, even if it was a very short part of the episode.

Boone, played by Nick Jonas, appears in a gym, talking on the phone to an unknown person. We officially know that there are three murderers. Boone says, “All I’ve been doing is going to the gym and killing people.” He mentions the attempt to kill Dean Munch and says that Gigi messed everything up when she dressed as a Supreme Court Justice. He suggests that Gigi needs to die next.

It’s nice to finally have some answers in Scream Queens, but it’s just not enough to keep my interest in this show. Scream Queens feels like a menagerie of unsuccessful parodies, and it’s just so boring to watch.

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