Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 7: “The Hand”

Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 7: “The Hand”

Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 7: "The Hand"

Scream Queens constantly finds ways to keep the show going logically, and it’s incredibly creative. While most week’s continue to lead into revealing the mystery, a forty minute episode has a lot of ground to cover and needs to fill everything else in to create a coherent story. Each week the show provides a solid balance of comedy and drama to deliver episodes that advance the plot while also being tons of fun. This week, “The Hand,” accomplishes that once again and continues to keep the show ridiculous as ever.

The episode spends a lot of time focusing on Doctor Holt’s murder hand and how big of a problem it’s becoming. Whenever Holt is stressed out the hand becomes more powerful and takes control. The hand has been so goofy this season but fits right in with what Scream Queens is all about. It was amazing that the hand became self-aware and knew it had to do things to wake Holt up in the middle of the night to prevent him from sleeping. “The Hand,” sets Holt up to remove a woman’s extra set of arms and legs, which will of course be considered one of the best surgeries to happen. It’s a really enjoyable plot for the episode, especially when it builds to a finish featuring “99 Red Balloons.”

While the Holt story was a ton of fun, it surprisingly took a back seat to something a little more serious from Scream Queens. The program does an extremely good job with the show’s humor, but with that comes a lot of goofier relationships. Season two of Scream Queens has actually done a nice job with developing the relationship between Chanel #3 and Cassidy. The two characters seemed like they were probably on a downward moving path with the reveal that Cassidy is one of the Green Meanies; however, “The Hand,” really shows that they do care about one another, and it’s a nice addition to have. Both characters are strange and feel perfect for one another in  the best but weirdest way possible, and it’s nice that the show will continue to develop both of the characters and further explore this relationship.

It seems like everything is building nicely towards the finale, but things become even more interesting now that the hospital seems to be drawing so much attention to itself. While the mystery surrounding the Green Meanie only continues to become more interesting, this new possibly element of publicity could come into play more as has been seen in the first season of Scream Queens. The writers have definitely made this season a little more complicated and plenty bit different, which has kept viewers on their toes.

Other Thoughts:

*I love how ridiculous the patients are getting. The woman with extra sets of arms and legs is hilarious. What’s even better is that the characters have managed to cure the incurable each week but nobody ever finds out because the Green Meanie kills them.

*Taylor Lautner “Push it to the Limit” training montage was great.

*I love that the hand knows how to fight, and that’s their explanation for how Holt can defend himself against a murderer. It works.

*Hopefully we get some more information about Holt’s new hand…. did Cassidy really give him the patient’s hand? Or someone else’s?

*Would anyone else love to actually watch a documentary on Hester?

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