Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 3 Review: “Handidates”

Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 3 Review: “Handidates”

Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 3 Review: "Handidates"

After being off for a week, Scream Queens continues to inch forward in the sophomore season mystery that takes place in a hospital where a mass murder happened. While Scream Queens isn’t anything groundbreaking, it’s a show that provides much needed relaxation and lighthearted comedy mixed in with everything else that’s on television. Yes, the episodes each week tend to follow the same type of formula, but the characters and their dialogue really carry things that leave the week feeling empty when the show is off the air. This season has definitely brought a nice new spin to things with the CURE cases of the week that allow for some additional plot filler instead of focusing solely on the long-term murder mystery.

“Handidates” opens up with two different short scenes that adds an interesting aspect to this season. The first scene shows Dean Munsch walking in to examine the corpse of Tyler, the patient from Episode 2. What’s interesting is that they dump the body into the swamp to avoid ruining their reputation, similarly to the situation that spawned the Green Meanie in the first place. The following intro scene takes the more traditional comedic route, focusing on Chad’s friend Randal, who has recovered from his temporary disease making him startled by everything. The stuff with Randal was fun, especially because he represents the traditional Scream Queens character level of stupidity in thinking the Green Meanie is a final test for his disease.

The main focus of the plot in “Handidates” is on the escalation of Chad and Brock’s competition to win over Chanel. In what seems like a strategic and manipulative move by Dr. Holt, Chad is convinced he has to immediately marry Chanel in order to beat out Holt and be considered the winner. The episode spends a majority of it’s time revolving around the set up of the wedding with some mystery elements being incorporated here and there along the way. The scenes between Chad and Brock Holt are honestly phenomenal and have been some of the best character interactions so far through three episodes. Glenn Powell always brings a great charisma and energy to the role of Chad and Stamos has been an older, darker type of character in the second season. Stories like these are what make Scream Queens so fun, because things are never overly complicated but the characters now have history which only enhances ridiculous situations like the wedding in “Handidates.”

While Scream Queens has slowly given the audience tidbits of the Green Meanie and his motives, it’s been slow to unfold so far. The show has given viewers the basis of the background story that took place in the past, but there haven’t been any promising leads so far. Last night’s episode finally fully brought Hester back, so she is now officially going to be residing in the basement of the CURE hospital and will be the most immediate connection to the killer (possibly knowing the identity already). It’s nice to have Hester back and it will be an interesting transition for her character to be playing a full-time villain after the reveal in the first season’s premiere. Lea Michele does a great job with the role and having Hester be bad seems like it’s even more fun because her character is playing the Scream Queens Hannibal Lecter. It’s these types of caricatures that make the show so much fun because on top of having Hester Lecter the show also continued to develop Cassidy’s strange coldness and finally addressed that his character believes he is, in fact, dead.

Taylor Lautner has been a great addition to the cast and his frat story about throwing up while passed out on his back was pretty funny, especially because the character immediately assumed he was dead upon waking up. Cassidy is the perfect weirdo counterpart for Chanel #3 and “Handidates” really highlighted the brilliance of the two character’s romantic relationship. Scream Queens has been incorporating a lot of great horror film elements throughout this season so far, which is did very well last season as well; however, it still seems like they are giving nods to the classic horror monsters and some of the most famed scary movie villains to date. It’s a development that doesn’t need to be fully explained but is extremely fun to play around with. The Frankenstein-esque stuff with Dr. Holt and his hand are great and now the chance that Cassidy is a zombie because he actually has a body temperature in the 60’s are goofy elements.

Scream Queens continues to have an aura about it that really makes the show a great comedic horror. The satirical elements continue to land really well and their references to classic movies are a nice inclusion as well. The cast is what sells this show from week to week with their chemistry and energy that plays into these absurd characters and it’s probably a role none of them have had the chance to play before. Hopefully the story will develop the murder mystery plot a little more and give us some additional information towards who the killer is, but through three episodes the story has set itself up to start moving forward a lot more. There is a big cliffhanger at the end of this week’s episode that could either be one of the funniest or worst moments that the show has decided to do, but the cliffhangers are one of the things Scream Queens does a great job with that keeps viewers coming back each week.

Other Thoughts:

  • Dumbest person, worst lay, tough day for Chad Radwell!
  • “I’m airing out my scrot”
  • The scene where Cassidy and Chanel #3 hook up to R&B is hilariously amazing.
  • The Green Meanie’s hail mary kill was pretty awesome, but interesting that he doesn’t go after Zayday… hmm another killer interested in her.

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