Category: Heels

Heels: Double Turn-Recap

Coming off the heels of the last episode, Double Turn kind of had to be balls to the wall and dramatic as hell, but it also had to make it clear that a second

Heels: “House Show” Recap

Apparently, it was time to hit the slow button when it came to this story on Heels since the ‘House Show’ episode took the time to unload a good d

Heels: “Swerve” Recap

If anyone ever says that ego isn’t a part of pro wrestling then they’re either lying or they haven’t watched enough wrestling to know the tr

Heels: Cheap Heat Recap

Just when it would appear that things are going to get patched up in DWL something else comes along and puts a monkey wrench in the whole thing. It was easy e

Heels: Dusty Finish Recap

The first episode of this show was definitely an odd way to start out, but it makes sense considering that it explains the dynamic in DWL and the relationship

Heels Recap: Kayfabe

You could say this show just gave wrestling fans a good kick in the shins to get their attention since it’s well done and kind of shows that wrestlers a

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