TV Characters I Cannot Stand: Ted Mosby From “How I Met Your Mother”

While this is 100% unsubstantiated, I’m making a claim right now that the reason you basically haven’t seen Josh Ridnour since How I Met Your Mother ended is because TV and movie execs felt that Josh Ridnour was exactly like his character Ted Mosby in real life.  They realized that even if this had a chance to being true, there’s just no way they’d ever tolerate working with this guy.  P.S. anyone remember Josh Radnor in Not Another Teen Movie?  Yeah, he was annoying in that for half a second too.

But let’s get to Ted Mosby   In addition to the fact that there’s an actual website, I need to get this off my chest.  Does anyone remember how Chandler all of a sudden sucked after he got into a relationship with Monica on Friends?  I mean yeah he was still funny but he became so sensitive and annoying I just couldn’t stand it.   All the emotional moments with Monica were so draining that anytime the real Chandler stood up I didn’t even care anymore.  Add in Ross’s sensitivity and cheese levels and you have a precursor to what Ted Mosby was on How I Met Your Mother.  He’s essential the worst Ross and worst Chandler combined.

While appearance wise he comes off as a “bro” because of his friendship with Marshall and Barney, even women can’t stand how much of a dork this guy is.  The deep conversations.  The “I love you” after meeting a girl for 16 seconds.  Just shut up already dude.  You’re the guy that every guy can’t stand in life and I’m glad you’re not on TV anymore.

To Josh Radnor.  Sorry man but I every single time I look at you I’m going to think “Ted Mosby.”  I think it’s unavoidable.  What an awful awful character.

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