Turns Out Rian Johnson Had Significant Influence on The Mandalorian

Turns Out Rian Johnson Had Significant Influence on The Mandalorian


Anytime someone mentions Rian Johnson and Star Wars in the same conversation a lot of people tense up and tend to think that something wicked this way is coming yet again, but this time around it’s not all that bad. Dave Filoni, the man responsible for at least a couple of episodes in The Mandalorian and a big influence on the show, was in turn influenced by Rian Johnson, who had him actually learn a few things about filming that helped out immensely. Thankfully he didn’t take any story ideas or other cues from Johnson or Kathleen Kennedy, since while there’s no desire to pit people against each other, the fact is that Kennedy and Johnson have been highly questionable when it comes to their decisions for the franchise. But in terms of guiding another director down the path towards his own greatness, it’s not such a bad thing really since being fair here, Kennedy was picked to take on her role for a reason, whatever that might be, and Johnson is a decent director, just not when it comes to Star Wars.  So far, Filoni has proven that he has what it takes and that his vision is definitely on par with every other director’s when it comes to The Mandalorian since people are absolutely ready to see the second season, which he’ll be working on along with other directors, and have been since the first season ended. That kind of attention means that the show was loved in a way that goes beyond mere approval.

The story of Din Djarin, aka The Mandalorian, is one that has captured the attention of a lot of Star Wars fans, and simply hearing Rian Johnson’s name in the same article might be enough to get some people wondering if Johnson will be brought on to the series to direct. The outcry would likely be more than Disney wants to deal with at this moment, though there is still the rumor that Johnson will be directing his own trilogy at some point. One thing that feels as though it might happen is that whatever characters he ends up introducing will likely feel as though they belong in a soap opera. The day he makes an actual trilogy will be kind of interesting, but there are plenty of people that want to see what else he can do if anything. He’s not the worst director in the world, after all, that title is held by others in the business, but Star Wars just doesn’t feel like it’s his particular specialty. When it comes to The Mandalorian though, Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau have been doing an awesome job since the characters that people have come to feel a certain away about this far should be coming back, save for IG-11, who gave up his life in a valiant effort to help the others escape. It was a pretty convincing way to go as well since he took out a group of stormtroopers with style. The droid would have made a great ally in the second season, but Din isn’t exactly the kind of guy that travels with a lot of people, and in fact, being charged with The Child’s safety and being tasked by the Armorer to return the kid to his people didn’t sound like something that Din was entirely willing to undertake.

But he saved The Child from what might have been a gruesome fate at the hands of the Empire, so taking responsibility for him is no longer a debate it would seem, but how he’s going to find a bunch of ‘space wizards’ as the Mandalorians tend to refer the Jedi as will be kind of interesting. I won’t go into how the Mandalorians don’t like the Jedi once again since that’s a talking point that’s been well-used as of now. But it will still be kind of intriguing to see how Din deals with Ahsoka when she steps into the picture, and it will be worth finding out just how Moff Gideon came to wield the darksaber since the weapon has passed into the hands of a Force-user before and has even been held by Mandalorians in the past. There are a lot of interesting points that are going to hopefully be covered in season 2 of The Mandalorian, and people are looking forward to them since they’ve been waiting since last November. October can’t come soon enough for a lot of folks since it’s fair to state that all the rumors and gossip that the online services have been pushing are going to be put to the test when it comes to the second season finally hitting Disney+. Now that things are starting to open up a bit here and there it’s also going to be a wonder as to whether we’ll see a season 3 as well by next year, though as of now there isn’t a lot of word on how the pandemic will affect such a development.

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