How to Turn Yourself into a Northerner From Game of Thrones

The hit show Game of Thrones has everyone looking at the latest trends and styles that have been made popular as of late. With the rise in popularity of the northerner look however many people are wondering just how a person can go about getting the same look without having to break the bank at the same time. The answer and how easy it can be might surprise you.

You won’t look like one of the Night’s Watch but you’ll certainly get the look of their furry garments down by following these careful instructions.

If you don’t end up looking like Jon Snow keep in mind that the armor, clothing, and Kit Harrington’s signature looks are a little hard to come by. But this will at least give you a leg up on attaining the look you want.

It might seem like an odd thing to do for a northerner, but sheepskin is what is used to get the signature look. If you’re attempting to look like a Stark however, the house of the Dire Wolf, you might want to keep the mention of sheepskin to yourself.

It’s that simple. Take the sheepskin and cut a hole in the center of the garment and then cut a slit from the hole to nearest outside edge so that you can slip it on and off.

You’ll definitely want to check your measurements to make certain that you’re hitting as close to center on the sheepskin as you can get. Otherwise the look could come off as lopsided and kind of silly. Also make sure you’re using sharp enough scissors. You don’t want to snag or otherwise tear the garment.

Slip the garment on to make sure it fits. If the hole is too small for your head to get through then you might need to measure again and, with as much care as you can, cut the hole a little wider. The sheepskin should be able to withstand a repeated attempt at widening the hole you’ve made, but you still want to be as exact as you possibly can.

The garment should be able to be draped over your shoulders and worn comfortably so that it won’t chafe or otherwise slip off. If you’ve done it correctly it will be able to rest on your shoulders without fault. The beard, mustache, and even the sword will be up to you provide, but it would certainly round out the look.

On its own the garment might look a little silly so if you’re using it for cosplay then you might want to consider crafting yourself an outfit that will go with the sheepskin. Otherwise if you’re that secure then cut the hole and the opening and enjoy.

Looking like a northerner from Game of Thrones seems to be a growing trend and for good reason. The north is for all intents and purposes going to be an important and driving force in the days to come. As the white walkers continue to advance the northerners will be taking on a much more decisive role.


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