Game of Thrones Weapons You Wish You Had


In a land full of wars, political murders, and family-to-family beefs, it’s no surprise that everyone in Game of Thrones appears to wield something deadly, whether it be for offensive or defensive purposes. From Jamie’s great sword to Maester Aemon’s long-winded stories, each and every character has their weapon of choice – here are our picks for the best of the best.


Sure, it’s not the flashiest weapon, and many in Westeros think it’s a disrespectful way to kill someone – but regardless of how you feel about poison in Game of Thrones, it’s an effective, integral component of death-dealing. Without poison, there may have never been war in Westeros: it’s the death of Jon Arryn from poison that marks the beginning of the battle for the throne, immediately dissolving any fleeting sense of peace between the powerful houses existing south of The Wall. Later on, it becomes an important part of the Purple Wedding, too – and given how it’s become Littlefinger’s weapon of choice (as fun as the moon door is, it really doesn’t travel well), I’m sure it’s something we’ll see again soon.


A weapon strong enough to defeat any army in Westeros, it was the powers of dragon fire that helped the Targaryen family take the throne: and hundreds of years later, it’s the return of dragon fire to Westeros that sends the capitol city into a panic, even though it’s one girl with three baby dragons half a world away. That alone should speak to the power of dragon fire: unlike wildfire, a maester need not be present to help create it – and since it comes naturally from animals capable of flight, lends itself well to pillaging and burning down towns, people, and entire armies that may get in the way.


There’s a bevy of reasons why Oathkeeper is on this list, even if it hasn’t seen a ton of action from Brienne’s sheath yet; forged from the remnants of Ice, Ned Stark’s Valyrian steel great sword, Oathkeeper is created from one of the most hallowed swords in Westeros, transferred to the Lannisters to be melted down after Ned’s execution. While the other half – named Widow’s Wail by Joffrey – currently resides in the Sept of Baelor next to Joffrey (or possibly waiting in the wings for Tommen, depending on whether you’re following show or book lore), Oathkeeper belongs to the new protector of the Stark family, carrying on the legacy of the fallen Stark patriarch.


This one is self-explanatory: you need someone’s throat ripped out in a hurry, just call for a dire wolf. After the death of Robb Stark and Grey Wind (and let’s not forget Lady’s death in season one, on orders from Cersei), there are only four dire wolves left in Westeros, each of them the size of a horse and capable of taking down entire battalions (the legend of Grey Wind in battle with Robb Stark is still heard in Westeros). The best part about them is how great they are at coming out of nowhere to save their owners – needless to say, anyone on the show who ends up underneath a dire wolf is having a very, very bad day.


A gift from her father, Arya’s Needle recently came back into focus when she crossed upon it this season during her adventures with The Hound, and began using it to Valar Morghulis people on the list she’s been reciting since her watching her father get murdered by a petulant, juvenile king. A perfect weapon for a water dancer like Arya, Needle is the perfect visual companion for the most fiery Stark around: it’s tiny, but can cause one a whole lot of problems if they challenge it – arguably making it the most fitting bit of symbolism attached to any weapon on the show.

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