Trailer For New NBC Series “Mr. Mayor” Looks Pretty Funny

Trailer For New NBC Series “Mr. Mayor” Looks Pretty Funny

Anyone that says that Ted Danson doesn’t have it anymore should probably take a look at the trailer for his upcoming show, Mr. Mayor since it already looks like something that could be worth watching considering that the trailer is quite funny. Danson has been around for quite a while but one of the best roles that he’s ever been known for was as Sam on Cheers since this is the role that a lot of fans would still point to since he became such a big hit on the show that it was a shame that it had to end at one point. But since then he’s still been busy, even if he hasn’t struck gold with that many roles ever since his time on the show. He’s been a steady presence in Hollywood but a lot of fans would be able to agree that he’s aged considerably since those days since he is in his 70s at this time. Being this old and still able to get up and act as he does is impressive since some folks start to wear out pretty quickly once they hit the age of 60 and by the time some people hit their 70s they’re just about useless since their bodies have started to break down. But Danson is still up and doing his thing and it feels like he might be around for a while to come yet since he’s still able to act as spry and aware as ever.

His bid to become mayor in this show is already looking like it will be a good bit of comedy since it’s obviously not a drama and the fact that it’s based in Los Angeles leaves a lot of material open to play with since quite a few people might agree that this city is ripe for a convincing show that can show a funny side that will make people laugh rather than depress them a little more. The trailer does show Danson getting into the act as a type of bumbling individual that brings to mind the cast of Spin City now and again since he’s a guy that’s trying to fill the office of mayor to impress his daughter on one than and simply make the city a better place, even if he sounds like a bit of a fool at times. But it does appear that he’s going to have stiff competition to deal with as someone will be trying to challenge his ability to fill the position, and there are plenty of people that will be looking to him to see just what he can do.

The joke that comes from one staffer mistaking his daughter for his wife is funny but also cringe-worthy since the idea of thinking that LA is a hard place to figure out since people are prone to marrying those that are far older or younger than them might be something that people take in stride or take offense at, but it’s part of the show that will no doubt be seen as necessary since comedy has few restrictions at this point. From the outset, it doesn’t feel that this show is going to actively seek to offend people since the humor feels light and goofy enough that it’s not quite as sarcastic or biting, but then again we’ve only seen a trailer at this point and there’s no telling what else is coming down the pipe when the show arrives in a short while. The series will be releasing on January 7th, 2021, and it’s bound to be one of the more upbeat comedies of the year since despite the fact that Danson’s character is out to become mayor for the wrong reasons it’s likely that he’ll be given an arc that will see him gradually become the kind of individual that he needs and wants to be while maintaining the goofy sense of humor that a lot of people have come to know him for.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ted Danson really let loose with a bout of comedy that helped to make him so popular back in the day when Cheers was such a big deal, but it could be a return to form since this is what people came to expect from him over the course of career simply because he was so good at it. He’s excelled at drama too obviously and became a mainstay in entertainment a long time ago, so not seeing him now and again didn’t do much to damage his reputation since people are happy to see him no matter what. But this does feel like a return to something great for Danson and a role that he’ll have no trouble making his own since he’s been a great comedic actor in the past and it doesn’t feel that anything has changed.

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