Jade Tailor from The Magicians Did an AMA on Reddit

Jade Tailor from The Magicians Did an AMA on Reddit

Jade Tailor from The Magicians Did an AMA on Reddit

The “Ask me Anything” section on Reddit has become a massive Q&A platform where everyday people can ask big time celebrities questions.  Perhaps that biggest AMA of all time was back in 2012 when the President himself, Barack Obama lent his time to answer questions.  To this day that AMA is constantly viewed and has over 215,000 upvotes on the site.   While Jade Tailor might not be the same name as Barack Obama, we feel she’s an up and coming star.  This AMA could very well become a historical fact someday.

For those who might not be familiar with Jade, she’s a 31-year-old actress playing the role of Katy on The Magicians.   She’s building up a nice following as people have been loving Katy on the show.  While The Magicians is her largest role to date, she was a regular on the show Murdered in the First back in 2015.  Prior to that she held bit parts going back to 2007.   For those who are interested in an inside take on The Magicians and Jade you should check out her AMA on Reddit.  Here are some highlights we liked:

Being one of the few major characters in the TV series who don’t have a direct equivalent in the books, how did you go about developing the character? Did you think you had more freedom to invent the role or do you think it was more difficult not having as much source material of which to work off?

Great question! So… when I first read for the role, I had a very specific idea of who Kady was. It was my interpretation of the writers description of the role. So I think from the get go it was a meld of their vision and mine. As it is with any actor/ writer collaboration. And as we went into the pilot, Sera had a specific direction as far as Kady’s wardrobe went which definitely informed my character.

Besides that they gave me the freedom to run wild. That said, I did have a lot of freedom with her since she isn’t in the books a whole lot. It makes it fun and challenging and definitely keeps me on my toes since I am only going off of the scripts.

What’s the vibe like on set? It seems like everybody’s cool and it would be fun, but at the same time the scripts often have pretty heavy subject matter.

It’s pretty amazing actually. We work in Vancouver. I don’t mean to stereotype, but Canadians are SO nice! We are lucky to have the best crew, and our writers and producers are the best I’ve ever worked with! And as actors we all surprisingly get along really beautifully. It’s like a family. Especially this last year. We all got really close. But it’s like a family so it isn’t without its moments. But luckily our moments are few and far between. It’s truly magical to work with everyone.

With Dumbledorf dead, will they just spend more time in Narnia?

Ha! It is a good mix of all fantasy films isn’t it.

Is it hard to memorize/do the hand movements for the spells?

You know… I actually don’t find it very difficult. But I have been a dancer and gymnast most of my life so the physicality is pretty easy for me. Some of the other actors would definitely disagree though. Haha!

Do you have any advice on getting a project produced?

Good question… I think it is always helpful to have some material whether it’s something you’ve shot in the past, or even better would be a teaser or a short for people to see the feel and tone of the project. People want to invest in things that you are invested in. That’s how I’ve done it. Even submitting a short form version to festivals. Festivals are always a great way to go.


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