Trailer For a New Shark Attack Movie “Great White”

Trailer For a New Shark Attack Movie “Great White”

So we’re still on the idea that sharks are dangerous creatures and will target human beings for one reason or another, got it. That’s probably too cynical of an observation for Great White but the truth is that while shark movies are a lot of fun sometimes, in the spirit of fiction, it’s still easy to roll one’s eyes simply because it’s a trope that does get a bit old after a while. But all the same, the fear of being stuck on the open ocean where there are plenty of predators to be found in certain areas is enough to chill the blood of many individuals. This however is why a person would be wise to know how to react in a disaster and know at least a little bit about the terrain that they’re bound to be so close to. Obviously no one plans a freak accident and a water landing that’s suddenly made even worse by a great white with a serious appetite, but the realism of the movie is bound to go bye-bye very quickly and there’s a big reason for it.

For one thing, sharks don’t go out of their way to attack people and they usually don’t leave massive holes in anything metal since metal doesn’t generally taste like food. But we’re going on the premise that this great white is really, REALLY hungry since, y’know, a great white must have a lot of trouble finding food swimming around all the time. But getting past that, this shark is apparently pretty hangry, as is the other shark that appears in the trailer, and it’s bound to happen that they’re going to absolutely terrorize the group of survivors that are seen floating at the mercy of the tides in their life raft. The idea of an easy meal still probably wouldn’t be that tempting to a shark unless they wanted to see what the big, floating thing on the waves was. A curious bite might be what happens, or a bump to see how the thing reacts. But the point is that as many experts have stated, sharks do not hunt people.

If a shark is agitated then it’s very possible that they might attack, this is a pretty common reaction among many animals after all. But unless this happens one can assume that a curious shark might be checking out a human to see what they are and not much else. On top of that, the myths about sharks point to the idea that they’ll go crazy when they smell blood, and it’s not really a wise idea to be in the water with an open wound, but sharks still smart enough to recognize the difference between their natural prey and something that doesn’t taste that good, meaning humans. A hungry shark though will possibly be looking just to eat, but the effort it takes to get these people out of the raft doesn’t feel like something a shark would be patient enough to endure. Again, after poring through a host of articles it’s pretty certain that those that are well-versed in shark behavior can be trusted.

So in a sense, this is Jaws revisited, but in a way that hampers the human cast even further since being stuck on the open ocean and not having any means of rescue at their disposal is bound to be one of the worst-case scenarios possible. Then, having two ravenous great white sharks circling the raft continuously, just waiting for someone to slip up or fall in, would only increase the danger of the situation. This movie already feels like it’s going to join the ranks of the many other shark movies that have been released over the last few decades, and seriously, if someone wants to talk about how it’s well done, has a great story, and is one of the scarier shark movies of all-time, it might warrant a bit of a ‘shh’ moment as someone hands that person a candy bar and tells them they’re not themselves when they’re hungry.

As I said, shark movies are a lot of fun when it’s taken as pure fiction and not meant to be serious in any way, but there are still those movies that one can’t help but roll their eyes and shake their head at since they tend to go to a level that’s difficult if not impossible to come back from. Great White looks as though it’s trying to be a serious movie, but at the same time it’s bound to be one of those that many people will defend simply because it has enough action and enough danger provided by the CGI sharks. Hey, to each their own. It doesn’t look like the worst shark movie ever made, and it could be a little bit of fun to see if anyone survives the encounter, or if they’re all just destined to perish at the end.

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