10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tracey Bloom

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tracey Bloom

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tracey Bloom

When you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life. That might be what life is like for professional chef Tracey Bloom. You know her from “Top Chef,” among other things, and you know she’s darn good at her job. She’s a woman who has been working long and hard to refine her numerous skills and immeasurable talent in the kitchen, and she’s created the kind of career she can be proud of for the rest of her life. While we get the distinct feeling from her that she is nowhere even close to finished with her goals, we can appreciate what she’s done so far. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

1. She’s From New York

Originally, she considered herself a New Yorker, but she’s a girl from the south these days. She might always be a New Yorker at heart, but she is living and working in Atlanta, which is nothing short of the deep south. She’s 33, which means she’s had a long time to perfect her career, but she’s still young enough to have a long way to go.

2. She’s Got a Great Job

She’s currently working as the executive chef for a well-known restaurant in Atlanta. It’s called Table 1280, and she’s done well with the restaurant. Of course, she’s also good enough to have been named one of the Top 25 Chefs in Atlanta back in 2008, and nothing has changed since then.

3. She’s Got a Famous BFF

She’s got a famous friend you might have heard of once or twice. Her name is Kim Zolciak-Biermann, former Atlanta housewife and current wife and mom. She spent many a day on her friend’s reality show, “Don’t Be Tardy,” and it’s been yet another way the world has gotten to know the famous chef.

4. Her Best Friend Inspired Her Journey to Motherhood

Making the decision to become a mother is not an easy one, but it’s one that she’s been willing to take on. She was inspired by her best friend, Kim, and Kim’s daughter Brielle. She always told Bloom what a great mom she’d be, and that’s always been something she’s had in the back of her mind when thinking about her own future.

5. She’s A Little Sleep Deprived

She has a son who is two, and she’s pretty much not slept a wink in those two years. It’s understandable. Some kids sleep well, other kids do not, and sometimes it’s just the parents who realize that sleep is a thing that you might not always get if you want to get things done and still feel good about your job as a mom.

6. She Kept Her Son Private

She didn’t hide her son from the world, but she did a darn good job of keeping him to herself. She didn’t share with her fans or her online friends that she had a son until just after he turned one. That was in March 2019. It was a little bit of a shock to many, but she’s since shared many of his adorable milestones, and people love it.

7. She Beat Out a Lot of Others for Her Job

When Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her husband were interviewing professional chefs to employ them at home to cook for their family, they had no idea just how amazing things would become. Bloom was one of many pro chefs who interviewed for the position and she blew the competition right out of the water. She got the job, she got a new best friend in the process, and now she’s like family to the family she cooks for.

8. She Adopted Her Son

Her son is not her biological son, but that doesn’t mean anything in relation to how much she loves him. She chose him, and she’s giving him the best and most amazing life. It might be why she chose to keep him to herself for a full year. She never had to hide a pregnancy, so it was easy for her to be able to keep him all to herself for just a little bit of time, and that had to be very sweet.

9. She’s a Dog Lover

She’s a woman who loves dogs, and we love that. She has two of her own, which means she’s really busy. A baby, two dogs, and a career that keeps her on the go all the time is enough to make us all feel a little lightheaded. But, she’s seemingly handling it with a lot of grace and elegance, and we love that.

10. She’s Private

She might be famous, and she might be a reality star – perhaps the most beloved on the show – but that doesn’t mean she’s not a private woman. Did you see earlier when we mentioned she adopted a son and didn’t tell a soul about it for a year? Yes, she keeps to herself.

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