The Top Uses of Moody Blues Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Moody Blues Songs in Movies or TV

The Moody Blues started out in Birmingham, England in the early to mid-1960’s playing rhythm and blues, but swiftly changed to a fusion of rock and classical music later on. It takes a true fan to really know who they are and what they do but once you get into them their sound is kind of nice and even a bit easy to slip into every now and again since it’s something you can tell was a sign of the times and how they were changing. The Moody Blues have been featured in a lot of iconic movies and TV shows and even then weren’t really that familiar to a lot of people though their older fans likely remembered them and were pleased to see they hadn’t been totally forgotten. They’re due to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018. Obviously they were popular enough that they garnered some attention.

Here are a few of the moments from popular media that their music helped to make special.

5. The Simpsons-Tuesday Afternoon

If you could count the number of bands and celebrities that have been featured on the Simpsons at this point it might come close to rivaling the number of actual characters that have been part of the 29-season long series. The Moody Blues are just another band that’s been featured on the show but what that means is that apart from their own fame they’ve been added in some way to American culture as well.

4. Dark Shadows-Nights in White Satin

The film didn’t go over as well as people had hoped but the musical score was well done and the soundtrack was filled with songs that were complimentary to the movie. Given that it was a Johnny Depp film it really could have gone either way with how popular it got and how well it did at the box office, but usually you tend to see his movies do just a little better than this one.

3. A Bronx Tale-Nights In White Satin

I had to add this one simply because the movie is that great. A lot of folks don’t even know about A Bronx Tale but the movie is something that anyone should see at least once. It’s not much in the way of being on par with Goodfellas or Casino or any of the others like it but it gives a different perspective that’s interesting and kind of pulls away from the strictly gangster feel of this genre.

2. Moody Blues-Ride My See-Saw

The Moody Blues were a big deal in their time and yet unless you’re in the type of circles that talk about bands like you might never know about them at all. It’s almost as though they belong to a very exclusive club that requires you know something about the 60’s as it pertains to the culture they came up in and the cultures that were embraced during that time.

1. The Karate Kid II-Rock and Roll All Over You

I can recall the Karate Kid II getting a lot of flack since it was a sequel and considered to be inferior. Looking back at it and looking at it now though I think it was the best of the trilogy that involved Daniel Laruso. In fact I’d put this one above the first, and that’s not something I do very often.

The Moody Blues are still performing at this time, so it might be worth learning something about them.

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